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Bout of Books 23: Day 4 and 5

Wow, yesterday huh? Erm, so I kinda forgot to post a Day 4 updates yesterday and was kind of wrapped up in reading that much that I simply didn’t have the time to write a post between work and reading, which is a good thing really right? There was some sprinting going on yesterday with some new friends and I had a grand old time. I’m on a late shift at work today, so I will be trying to do the same when I get home. Anyway, it’s all ended in having a joint 4 and 5 day post, so there we go!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!

Day 1

8:20am: I stayed up a little later than I was planning on doing last night so I am actually up a little bit later than I should be today, The roads had better be clear and traffic free today!

10:00am: I flew to work, which is about typical and I wish I could rely on every day being like that day. I have packed Theatrical for my lunch break just in case I get a chance to have a little bit of a read, and I am still debating whether I need to have an audiobook on in the car. Nothing is catching my eye or making me think yes, that’s the one!

14:00pm: So, I didn’t get to read on my lunch break and the canteen had almost run out of food so I had chips and beans. I’m not normally the biggest fan of said food, but I was hungry and actually liked it. Hmmm. I didn’t get to read though, which is a shame because I need to finish this book yesterday.

19:00pm: Emma and I are hosting reading sprints for Bout of Books and NEWTs Readathon tonight. Emma was hosting before I got home, and in an effort to jump on a good thing, I hopped on board and we’re going to be hosting them through the night! I was ready to sit down and finish my book, and I think Emma was thinking the same for her book, so it works, and a couple of others agreed because we weren’t sprinting alone! I also managed to squeeze in the Instagram challenge as well as going today’s travel based one too.

21:45pm: OK, so we’ve been sprinting for a couple of hours now, with a break to cuppas and food making, and we’re both done for. We’re relocating to bed, but I have only 100 pages of Theatrical left, maybe not even that, so I am determined to finish tonight, AND I’m hosting a sprint with a lovely gal on the Pacific Coast at 11pm we should time just right with finishing my book.

23:33pm: I mean look at that for planning. We hosted a 30min sprint at 11pm BST/3pm PST and I finished 3 mins after. Well done me *pats back*. I’ve also squeezed in 7% of Shadowblack which means I’m approaching halfway through. I’m not super enjoying it, but there we go, can’t love everything.


Today’s challenge is all about bookish locations i’d like to visit, and y’know what, this is a hard one Stacie @SincerelyStacie. I’m quite lucky that I have travelled extensively and have got to go to some great places, even The Shire, so I’m going to dip into the fantasy world for this one:

Red London | Shades of Magic

Ketterdam | Six of Crows

The Library | Invisible Library series

Day 2

09:45am: I’m not in work until 2pm today, so I am trying to have a productive morning reading and blogging and doing some much needed laundry. I should have done my laundry last night but it completely slipped my mind during the sprints, so I am going to see if I can squeeze in two loads before I have to leave.

13:45pm: I was having a bad day between hairballs in the washing machine, unsolicited period arrival overnight, and a general hunger for anything we didn’t have to eat in the house. After that initial storm, I managed to finish two loads of much needed laundry, I started This Savage Song and V E Schwab herself replied to a tweet of mine that forms part of my official NEWTs readathon thread on Twitter.

18:00pm: I am actually quite awake and alive this evening, bit of a shame I’m in work and not at home able to read/run sprints. I’m actually in a lot this week, I only have 1 day off before September.

23:30pm: I’m back in work in 8 1/2 hours so I’ve only ended up reading another 40 pages of This Savage Song but what I have read so far I am really enjoying. I haven’t done today’s Instagram challenge because of work, but as I don’t DNF many books and have few series I haven’t competed, it wasn’t the worst one to miss!!


I really struggle to read and listen to ‘proper’ songs, and by that I means songs with words that you hear all the time in everyday life. I tend to enter the realms of classical music, not necessarily famous composers of old, but usually film scores I love. Here are my favourites:

Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

The best of Hanz Zimmer

What do you listen to while you read? What are you reading now?

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