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The Full Monte Read-Along

D’you know what’s better than tackling a long book, as classic, a book in translation? Doing it with some bookish friends during a Read-Along with a jazzy title, because who doesn’t love the title ‘The Full Monte’, eh? I’ve never done this kind of read-along before, but I want to read a classic, and one in translation for my various life challenges, and I have been told I’d like this book, so it was time. Time I tell you.

The Full Monte Read-Along is being hosted by Laura @ Reading in Bed. It’s not her first rodeo though folks, this is the fifth summer read-along, and in case you haven’t guess it already, we’re going to be tackling Alexandre Dumas’ 1000+ tome The Count of Monte Cristo. As Laura said in her post ”The title is relevant too, because there are abridged versions out there. Do not be fooled. We are going FULL MONTE, people.”

The Count of Monte Cristo is made up of 117 chapters of roughly equal size (yep, it was originally serialized), which Laura has divided over six weeks. That works out to about 150-200 pages per week. The schedule below is more about when we’ll post, you should read at whatever speed makes sense to you.

  • July 2: Start reading!
  • July 9: Chapters 1-20
  • July 16: Chapters 21-40
  • July 23: Chapters 41-60
  • July 30: Chapters 61-80
  • August 6: Chapters 81-100
  • August 13: Chapter 101-fin

I am currently debating editions at the moment. There are a few, which Laura has handily guided us through:

  • There seems to be a pretty good consensus on Robin Buss’s 1996 translation, which you can find in the Penguin Classics edition. It’s thought to be more modern and accessible, and contains good explanatory notes. It also comes in a clothbound edition.
  • I rushed out and bought the Oxford World’s Classics edition before doing my research. It is based on the anonymous translation that has been widely published since 1840s. This 2008 edition has been somewhat modernized.
  • Beware the Project Gutenburg editions, though, I hear some are 19th century editions that took it upon themselves to remove references to homosexuality. Rude!

I own the world cloud classic edition, which I have sadly discovered is the anonymous version, but I am going to have to put up with it because that is the edition that I own and that is the edition that my awesome spreadsheet is created around (thanks Emma!). Not gonna lie, this spreadsheet and regular update posts will be the only thing keeping me accountable. I am going to potentially be lacking the homosexual references, but we’ll see how it goes!

I’m a little bit excited and a little bit nervous about this readathon, not going to lie to you. I am hoping that it all goes swimmingly and that I love it and enjoy reading and blogging along with everyone else, but I have a feeling I might get stuck at some points. As long as I keep going and finish it, that’s all that matters, right?!

Are you taking part too?

Have you ever read The Count of Monte Cristo? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “The Full Monte Read-Along”

  1. Hooray! I’ve since bought the Robin Buss translation for my Kindle, so I might go back and forth on which edition. I think the anonymous one is fine, it’s the best known and it’s survived this long…


    1. That’s true, I just don’t want to miss out on anything!! Super excited though, I wish I had done the War & Peace one last year so making up for lost time this year!! I might get a kindle version for when I’m in work, not going to lug my word cloud wax covered edition round with me haha!


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