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T5W: LGBTQ+ Books

I am sure you have probably realised already, but if you’re not aware, this month is PRIDE month. I have to say I don’t make a big deal about PRIDE month, not because I don’t care about anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+, but because no-one should really have to ‘come out’ or identify, you should just be able to be you, but wanting to at least do something, this Top 5 Wednesday came at the right time.

If you want to find out more, or take part in, Top 5 Wednesday, click here to find Lainey and Samantha’s Goodreads page.

I don’t read a huge amount of books with a relationship that could be classified as LGBTQ+. This isn’t because I avoid them, or don’t like them, but rather because a lot of the books I read don’t have romantic relationships in, and yes, a lot of the relationships that do feature are straight. The T5W topic this week is actually trying to lift books that feature relationships that also aren’t M/M, but I don’t think (rightly or wrongly) I have read and remembered enough LGBTQ+ books that feature another relationship other than M/M, so I am still going to include them in my list because this is my list of my favourite LGBTQ+ books.

1. The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet Becky Chambers

I read this quite a while ago because it was sold to me as like the TV series Firefly, but in a book. I love space and adventure and exploration and a bit of questionable motive, and this had it in bucket loads. It also had a human female (I mean I think she was human, I don’t know if Earth existed, but the equivalent of Earth and human) relationship with a female of an alien species that can only be described as human/reptilian/lizard combination. They’re awesome, the book is awesome, and I think the fact that this relationship sits within it is great.

2. The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue Mackenzi Lee

I just adored this book. It was a proper old fashioned romp, with posh teenagers finding their feet and going crazy on a European adventure. There is so much, from alchemy to medicine, masked balls to pirates, and throughout, a blossoming relationship between lead characters Monty (the rich guy leading the adventure, the noble man, and the rapscalion of the group) and Percy (his mixed race friend/love interest) that is just brilliantly and ridiculously addictive and amusing.

3. Shades of Magic Series V E Schwab

This is the first (and only thing so far) that I’ve read by V E Schwab and the series is just amazing. Yes, I could have listed a single book in this series, and if I did it would be A Gathering of Shadows but I wanted to do the series, because the relationship between Rhy and Alucard is just everything. I loved the book, I loved them, and you should read it.

4. Royals Rachel Hawkins

I recently read Royals for a MarvelAThon and I absolutely devoured this trashy read. It’s all about a royal family (in Scotland, we’ll forget that bit considering there was no explanation as to why there was suddenly a royal family in Scotland) and the engagement of the American lead character’s sister to a Scottish Prince. It follows the lead’s hilarious exploration into the world of Royal protocol and dealing with the behaviour of the friendship groups that surround the featured Royal Brothers. Underneath the main story is a relationship between the Princess and her friend from boarding school, their relationship is unsupported by the Queen but still carries on unstopped and provides some sweet moments of bonding for Daisy and Flora.

5. Six of Crows Duology Leigh Bardugo

Let’s be honest here, this duology is one of the best things to have been written in this millennium (Harry Potter aside) and is just brilliant. It’s exciting, heist filled, rogue ridden, and has some brilliant moments and characters. It also features a great relationship between two of the gang, Wylan and Jesper, who are the most adorable and funny couple ever.

Have you read any of these books?

What are your favourite LGBTQ+ reads?

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