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Book Haul #11

Well well, we’re back here again already, this time with a slightly shorter list. And there’s good reason too! I just about had enough books to put together a book haul and decided that now is the time to go on a ban. I have a Book Box Club, and Willoughby Book Club subscription currently rolling, and I’ve pre-ordered a signed copy of a novel due out at the end of May, so I think it’s time to stop buying books on the side and actually think about saving money!

But this month, well, this month I have splurged a little on a book I’ve had my eye on for a while, and also finally added books I was donated a while ago and kept on forgetting about! There is a real mixed bag of titles on here, and I’m excited about it! So, without further ado, let’s see the books:

Escapology Ren Warom

Emma won this in a giveaway and was thinking about giving it away as she hadn’t read it and needed to free up some space on her shelves. I decided to put it on mine as I quite like the premise.

The Race Nina Allan

The same goes for this too. I just couldn’t let her give it away without putting it on my TBR shelf first.

Go Set a Watchmen Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is my favourite book and I had a free book token so I spent it getting a matching edition. I also really need to read this book at some point, and decided having it on my shelf would make me more likely to actually read it.

A View of the Harbour Elizabeth Taylor

This was my latest Willoughby Book Club offering. I’ve never heard of it and didn’t really know what it’s about, but after reading the description I’m excited to give it a go.

You’re The One That I Want Giovanna Fletcher

So I really like Gi and watch her vlogs/insta stories and decided it was time to give more of her novels a go after reading her first book. They’re all so colourful and bright!

Always With Love Giovanna Fletcher

I really quite liked Billy and Meso when I found out about this follow up novel, I decided that I needed to find out all about these characters lives after that TV show ending. I thought her first novel was a stand alone, so was [pleasantly surprised that I could find out more about these characters lives.

Dream a Little Dream Giovanna Fletcher

As you can probably tell, I went on a bit of a Giovanna Fletcher spending spree, and this was the last that I purchased. I think I am only missing one of her novels now.

The Wedding Date Jasmine Guillory

I do quite like the odd trashy, throwaway novel, and I like the film of the same name, so I decided that I just had to have this book in my life. I am sure it will end up being the most perfect summer read.

Home Sweet Murder James Patterson

I love James Patterson novels, and I really enjoy true crime books and TV shows, so what makes more sense than buying a true crime book about murder written by James Patterson? My point exactly so I bought it.

Hangman Daniel Cole

I purchased and read the first book a little while ago, and when I read this eARC of this, I just adored it. I was lucky enough that my review was well received, and the publishers actually sent me a copy of the book itself. It now sits pride of place on my shelf.

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul Deborah Rodriguez

I’ve heard people talking about this book and I had seen a few positive reviews, so when I saw it in the local charity shop I thought I would give it a go. It sounds fascinating.

Newt Scamander’s Scrapbook Rick Barba

I received this stunning hardback movie scrapbook in my last Wizarding World Lootcrate and don’t think I can quite get over how pretty it is. There are pop-ups and fold out maps, and it’s just really pretty.

Atlas Obscura

Do you ever see a book and feel an instant pull? Well that is what I felt when I first saw this book. It’s unbelievably pretty, centred around Atlases and as a bonus, it’s blurbed TWICE by the great Neil Gaiman.

In the loveliest way possible, I am hoping that it will be a while until we meet again, when I’ll have more books to share with you!

4 thoughts on “Book Haul #11”

  1. Escapeology has been on my tbr for the LONGEST time but I’ve never got round to buying it so will be interested to see what you think if you read it!

    Liked by 1 person

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