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Fat Friday | Week 29

Erm, what’s going on? The sun has come out, the weather has turned from snow warnings and freezing winds to the warmest day April has seen, and I am all about this weather. I actually really like the summer and the warm even though I like winter clothes, and have been waiting for this turn for weeks. I know it won’t stay for the whole of summer, in fact I’ve heard vicious rumours of a thunderstorm this weekend, but I’m enjoying this warmth and mood lift even so.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I aim to improve my life for the better! 

Have you ever heard of Disney bounding? No, well, in Disney you’re not allowed to dress up as your favourite characters, so dedicated Disney dressers have found a way round it, simply theme your dress around your favourite characters. Look for coloured outfits that channel the dress of Disney idols, or t-shirts with their symbols on the front, that makes it obvious who you’re imitating without actually dressing up as them completely. It’s very clever, and Emma and I are definitely caught up in it, and so we set out last weekend on a day out to shop and try a new breakfast place. Said breakfast place is called Moose, and it was really good. I loved the potato hash, and the decorations, and pretty much everything about it except the breeze, and it set us up nicely.

It was one of the first nice and sunny days we’ve had. It was also Grand national day so town was quite busy, but we made the most of it, picked up quite a bit between the pair of us, and began the success selection of Disney Bounding clothing. I really tried to be good, I picked up a couple of t-shirts that won’t matter if they’re a little loose come Disney time, but I want to lose enough weight that I would fare better buying clothes closer to the date we’re travelling. Optimistic: yes, but that’s a good motivation.

I haven’t exercised too much this week because of the excessive amounts of overtime that I’m still doing. What exercise I did do was exhausting. Zumba on Sunday was pretty busy and for whatever reason I was firing on more cylinders than normal and just ready to go for it. I think I only stopped feel quad burn yesterday from the over-enthusiastic squatting. It did make me realise just how different my fitness is to 6 months ago. The class itself was a really challenge and chore, and now I can give so much more and not feel completely dead after. We also went for a walk to the local park with my Mum and Dad, they had told us about a craft fair that was happening, so we set out, too a stroll past a lake and the Marie Curie Field of Hope (1 million daffodils planted in a small area that look super pretty) and checked out the local artistic efforts of stall holders.

Tuesday was the break from the normal working week. Emma, Steph, and I set out for an evening of fine food and fun in the form of Hairspray at the Liverpool Empire. The food at Wahaca was really good, like, really good, and I was going to take a picture but the idiot over here completely forgot before she tucked in to eat. That’s a pretty good recommendation itself though, right? The show itself was something else. It was hilarious, entertaining, and made it completely worthwhile going to see all over again. I think the others really enjoyed it as well, which is a huge relief as I kinda pushed them to say they should go and see it with me.

Before and after has been work central. I have been putting in a lot of overtime to make the most a work incentive, and I feel like I have just retained a good balance between doing enough to get a nice savings pot for holiday and not burning myself out. It has meant that I have done some long hard days at work, which is fine, but it’s left me with little time outside work. I have worked in different areas over the week which has made it easier, but it’s been havoc with my eating schedule and hasn’t allowed more exercise.

I do feel a renewed lift this week though. I have had a few people in work make positive comments, and I think it’s made me realise all over again that I can and want to do this. I had really stalled over the last few weeks, but the comments have renewed my faith and made me think that maybe the working out has been changing things even if my weight hasn’t altered. If I hadn’t been out for two meals this week I might have had an even better week, but we shall never know. I find it easier to eat less it the summer, I think the want to eat heavier or comfort food wanes somewhat and it becomes easier to eat less. I also drink a lot of water and cold drinks in the warmer weather which staves off hunger longer and stops me from eating too much that way too.

WEIGHT: This week: -1lb Total: -22.5lb

EXERCISE: 2 Sessions: 1x Zumba, 1x walk

MOOD: Energised and optimistic

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Everything Bagels

HINTS/TIPS of the week: If there aren’t snacks in the house you can’t eat them

Maybe my clothes fit better at the moment, maybe it’s the sun, the longer hair, or just the mojo back, but I think this diet is back on track folks.

3 thoughts on “Fat Friday | Week 29”

  1. Woop woop! You’re totally back on it, congrats!

    I am LOVING this warmer weather too ☺ although I think we’re due for rain this week ☔😕. You must be so excited about Disney now and it must be great to think that you might need to go down a size in clothes to fit you when you’re there ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like I am, hopefully it will carry on. I’m not liking this rain as much, if prefer if it perked up a little again.

      Yeah it’s getting so close now. I’m really hoping to be down a size properly by the time it comes round. I just would like to need new shorts and stuff like that, y’know?

      Liked by 1 person

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