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Fat Friday: Week 26

Not only is it Fat Friday again today, but it’s also Good Friday! As the UK shuts down and goes into long weekend mode, I’m looking forward to a weekend in work and lots of reading. Easter has creeped up on me this year and I haven’t taken advantage of the mini eggs and hot cross buns like I should have, but, I’m doing a readathon to make up for it because even though it makes no logical sense, I thought it was a good idea. I’m tired and jabbering, this is probably going to be short.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I aim to improve my life for the better!

Last weekend was pretty awesome. We spent Saturday recovering from our shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks by doing an awful lot of not very much. Both of us wanted to make the most of a long weekend by relaxing, reading, and doing not too much. The same can’t be said for Sunday. My Mum and Dad were going to Delamere Forest, so we tagged on for the journey and went for a walk. It was probably the first really quite nice day and it showed, lots of people and pups turned out, including 200 Schnauzer owners and their pooches for a dog walking convention. It was a pretty great walk, and the dogs were awesome too.

Emma wasn’t off on Monday so I had the house to myself. Determined the make some progress around the placed, I started to tidy and sort, breaking and damaging stuff and getting in a foul mood all round. Thankfully, my parents came to the rescue and helped clean and mend, and the house looks pretty great. My room is exponentially better than it was, and the gallery wall that I’ve been thinking about doing for ages is taking shape. Having a clean and tidy room is so nice.

The rest of the week had been spent at work. It’s quite busy in the office at the moment, and as Easter is now upon us, Easter generosity had taken over. Everyone at my work is pretty great at celebrating holidays, so this week has been full of chocolate and hot cross buns and chocolate. It’s really hard to say no to things when they’re free and wilfully given to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve accepted some, but tried to avoid going overboard.

That was the idea anyway! Outside of work, I think Emma and I have eaten OK. There has been lots of vegetables and homemade food, and even our first attempt at a fish pie (it looks good and tasted great if I do say so myself!) It’s just a shame that I haven’t really exercised. In our defence, we are both battling foot pain at the moment!

Yes, we’ve got outside and we’ve walked, but this week has been about getting things done, and going back into work with a renewed spring in our steps. I think we both wish we had done more this week, but sore feet and broken power cables have prevented us from making it to anymore classes. Getting outside last weekend has reminded me (again) how much I enjoy walking. Now, I don’t want to get all preachy, or yoga minded, but relaxing last week really made me realise how important stopping every once in a while is, so this weekend, I am also taking part in an Easter Readathon. I signed up yesterday, and I’m posting regular updates here.

WEIGHT: This week: 0lb Total: -21.5lb
EXERCISE: 1 Sessions: 1x Walk
MOOD: Exhausted
RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Fish pie
HINTS/TIPS of the week: Free Hot Cross buns are the only thing better than Hot Cross Buns

Given everything that has happened this week, all the free things at work, and the lack of exercise, I think maintaining my weight hasn’t been too bad really. If I can do the same over the next week, given the chocolate and the food, I’ll be a happy bunny (geddit?!)

9 thoughts on “Fat Friday: Week 26”

  1. I’m trying to be so good with healthy eating and exercise at the moment but all I want is an Easter egg and the weather is rubbish so exercise may be put off this week 😂 hope you have a good Easter!

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  2. Oh god Liz, the chocolate. THE CHOCOLATE! Yesterday I ate so much I ended up in some kind of sugar coma and nearly fell asleep playing Monopoly (granted, not that difficult but it was only mid afternoon).

    It sounds like you went on the most amazing walk ever. 200 schnauzers! I would have wee’d myself in excitement. Doggies!!!

    Well done you for maintaining throughout yet another food based festival. That fish pie looked amazing! ☺


    1. I know, we tried to avoid it and somehow ended up with loads anyway! I have put mine away and I am going to allow myself to have little bits as I go or I will be 100st by the end of the month. I’ve only ever played adult Monopoly once and that was plenty enough!
      It was amazing, there were so many. They had a convention that meant all these Schnauzer owners walk together and meet for lunch and they were everywhere and all cute and stuff.
      Thanks. I think this was the calm before the storm, I am sure Easter will have caught up with me by Friday haha! It tasted pretty good and worked well, BBC Good Food to the rescue once again!

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      1. How – HOW – are you rationing yourself? I think it was the boredom of monopoly that made me snaffle so much chocolate. We had an argument about the rules before we’d even started! I’m blaming the stress.

        Dog heaven! That’s so adorable. I’d love a dog but the nonhubs says no. I’m restricted to our two tortoises which are just loveable door stops that shit everywhere, fight with each other and try to kill themselves at every opportunity.

        Love BBC Good Food! I made a hairy bikers chicken curry tonight and thought that because my spices are pretty old they won’t be as strong – nearly blew my head off!

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      2. I really don’t know how I am resisting, I think it’s the panic that will hit when I run out. Like, mini eggs are chocolate gifts sent from the Gods.

        I’d love a dog but the work hours just don’t fit and I like to travel/go on holidays, one day maybe. Haha, tortoises are pretty cool though 😊🐢

        I’ve not made much from BBC Good food for a while but you can’t beat the simplicity. Oh no!! Hopefully it was nice though!

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      3. Oh I know. Aldi do a rip off version too that are just as nice as real mini eggs but cost half as much (so obviously, you can buy twice as many 😂).

        That’s the same reasons as us for not getting a pooch. Maybe when someone wants to buy my blog for millions I’ll have a lifestyle that’s more pet friendly 😂.

        Absolutely – just made a Sunday leftovers pie from there (with a suet pastry top(!) – my hips expanded at the sight of it) which was both thrifty and delish.

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      4. Oh my God i did not know Aldi did those. My life has been changed.

        When I have a successful blog and Insta of my and my pooch travelling the world eating I’ll be able to life a poochtastic life.

        Very impressive, and sounds amazing!!

        Liked by 1 person

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