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Easter Readathon: Updates

Good morning bookworms! It’s officially Good Friday and the start of the long weekend off work in the UK. It also signals the start of The Easter Readathon, something I signed up to late but want to embrace. I readathon best when I get stuck in and commit some serious reading time into my schedule, which calls for an updates post! So let’s get reading, let’s keep each other accountable, and let’s have fun enjoying our stories!


4:45am: It’s too early to be awake on a Bank Holiday. I really like my job but this is a definite downside. I’m going to be in for 3 out of the 4 days that make up the Easter Weekend. Ah well. I’ve got Dom Joly and his travel memoir The Dark Tourist ready to go for my journey to work. Pretty sure I can get this finished today driving to and from work. Optimism, that’s what I need at this time in the morning.

10:30am: I’m on my lunch, a concept that always makes me laugh when I am on it this early. I think, once I’ve finished The Dark Tourist, I’m going to turn my sights to Frenchman’s Creek. I need to finish this book now, for someone who is enjoying it a lot it’s taking me a long time to read. Emma (who is also taking part of the readathon here) and I don’t really have plans for the afternoon (other than washing up and potentially trying to make our first fish pie- it’s Good Friday after all, which means fish!) so this afternoon and evening is going to be a reading one. And blogging, and probably a spot of photography for Instagram, but mainly reading.

15:00pm: I’m on 99%. I have basically finished The Dark Tourist already, the epilogue will be an easy listen later I’m sure. I know lent technically ended yesterday so I could choose to nap today, and I could nap hard as I’m super duper tired, but I don’t want to give in to my old snoozing ways. I also have a weird headache thing. Tiredness maybe?

17:00pm: So we went to the local supermarket and learned something: no-one thinks that Boost Easter Eggs are a good idea. Cadbury’s: stop arseing round with these rubbish eggs and start making DAIRY MILK normal sized eggs again. Please. We also bought the ingredients for fish pie. It’s Good Friday today, and it’s traditional to go near free and fish heavy, so we’re trying to make this classic. It’s one of my favourites, we’ll see how I do.

17:50pm: I could sleep right now. I’m twitchy and my eyes are droopy and this is not good. I’m about to attempt said fish pie in my pyjamas, and I’m a little unsure of how it will go. It’ll be edible right? In more pressing bookish matters, I’ve just finished my first book of the readathon, and the unusual travel memoir by comedian Dom Joly was a definite 5 Star read!! I’ve read a chapter of Frenchman’s Creek but I’m struggling to concentrate. I was going to give Children of Blood and Bone a go but I saw how many clans were printed in the front and decided it wasn’t something to attempt in this state. I didn’t have the concentration to try and read a whole 30 page short story either. I need a good night’s sleep tonight, or at least longer than the 4hrs I got last night!

22:00pm: Soooo, I almost forgot to post my Fat Friday update because I was caught up with washing up and making sure that our fish pie was a close to culinary perfection as it humanly possible. We went for the rustic look, explosive taste kinda style, and I think we pulled it off! I’m debating what book to listen to next at the moment, I might just pick something in the morning at 5am before I go to work.

5:00am: Urgh, I am tired again this morning, but I’ve discovered that the answer to some of my sleep issues might simply stem from sleeping on the other side of my bed, so if this readathon does nothing else it will have provided this level of enlightenment. I’m not with it enough yet to have a proper thought process about what audiobook to listen to next, I’m thinking The Bloody Chamber or The Watchmaker of Filigree Street are the most likely contenders, we’ll see.

8:30am: Caffeine is a wonderful and magical substance that fuels me. What would I do without coffee? I’m still a little tired and my eyes are a little droopy still, but I’m coping. I’m almost 3 hours into my shift. I can do this. Tapas and Pacific Rim: Uprising are booked for this afternoon/evening, so I have something to look forward to.

10:50am: I know it’s not healthy, but coffee and snacks are saving me today!! I’ve picked up Frenchman’s Creek on my breaks/lunch at work, and made it through 30ish pages. It could be better, could be worse. If it is quite today I might try and finish it, or at least get close, there’s only 70ish pages left!! How are you getting on?

14:10pm: Why does sod’s law say that anytime you need to leave work on time, you’ll get stuck on a call and be there after. Very annoying. I haven’t done any more reading in work, and I’m about to go out for food and to the cinema so I doubt I’ll finish anything more this evening. I am doing less than pathetically in this readathon.

17:30pm: I survived Dr. Martens without dropping any more money on shoes. I’m quite proud of myself. We did go for tapas though and they were incredible. There’s a Catalunyan style Tapas place in Liverpool called Lunya were they make incredibly fresh and tasty food. I don’t think I’ve ever had tapas in Spain so I don’t know how authentic it was but it was absolutely amazing food. I could have rolled out though, I definitely ate a bit too much, but I couldn’t leave any behind. It’s a bit of a blessing we’re going to the cinema for a couple of hours, not sure I’m fit to drive.

21:00pm: I’m frantically putting together an April TBR post because I forget to blog earlier than this time at night. Urgh. I feel really weak and tired, which I’m wondering if it’s tiredness or whether I’m getting sick. Pacific Rim Uprising was alright, actually quite enjoyed it despite the fact it has dreadful reviews. John Boyega is really quite funny.


10:30am: I have sad news to report. I wasn’t just tired, because I got lots of sleep last night (finally), I ma definitely unwell. I am achey, my throat is sore, I have a headache, I’m exhausted. I have a feeling I won’t get much, if any, reading done today. Is this the most inactive a reader has been whilst actively updating their readathon post? I bet I’m up there.

12:30pm: Emma has been to Zumba and I have done nothing but feel sorry for myself and write my March wrap post. I was going to read, but the words were hurting my eyes, so I sorted the stats for said wrap post and watched an episode of Suits instead. I have really got back into Suits lately. Emma and I are about to head round to my parents for lunch. They are pretty good at cooking, and it will means swapping small chocolate goodies, seeing my Gran, and getting out of the house on a day where I feel like brewing death.

15:00pm: Dinner was lovely. We had braised beef, casserole potatoes, and a lemon mousse in a martini glass concoction that was pretty great and seasonly on point. I really think my parents would do well on Come Dine With Me.


18:30pm: Time just flies by when you’re tired, home, and watching the new series of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I just don’t remember it being this self aware, innuendo ridden, and amusing throughout the first season. It’s pretty awesome! We’ve had a really quite eastery day too, we’ve had a rabbit shaped crumpet and hot cross bun for tea, and have amassed an impressive selection of chocolate off friends and family. We also now have a hanging basket outside the front door too, because we fancy.

22:00pm: So it came to light that everyone thought that the readathon ended tomorrow and in fact it was supposed to finish today, Awwwwwwww. Due to it’s popularity and the confusion Kate has extended it for another 24hrs, yayyyyy. I mean I’m going to bed now, but that’s a good thing.


5:30am: Leaving the house at 5:30am is only marginally better than leaving at 5am. I will be glad of a normal shift at some point. I shouldn’t moan, I do prefer early starts really but it’s hardwork right now. I don’t feel like any of my audiobooks, so I am going to listen to the Hairspray Soundtrack on the way to work and worry about which audiobook to start on the return. I know I should read The Watchmaker of Filigree Street because it is on my TBR for April, but I am very tempted by the audiobook I purchased with last month’s Audible credit, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Hmm, we’ll see.

9:30am: I am really hoping that today is quite in work because I still pretty rubbish and my head hurts. I’m only 3 hrs in too…sigh. I don’t actually mind working on bank holidays too much but seriously want to go home early.

11:10am: OK guys, time to get down to business. I haven’t read too much for this readathon, to the point that I am now feeling a little embarrassed about my complete lack of progress. I have read another 40 pages of Frenchman’s Creek, so, if I just persevere for a few more pages I will be at the end and able to say that I have finished. Yeeehaw.

17:00pm: So I went with The Watchmaker of Filigree Street as my next audiobook, despite the fact that I have precisely no knowledge of it whatsoever. The narrator (Thomas Judd) has been really good so far and I quite like it even though I am none the wiser. Emma and I also made Chocolate Bird’s Nests (chocolate cornflake cakes with mini eggs) and they’re currently chilling in the fridge, waiting to be consumed. They look good.

21:00pm: Is it late enough to go to bed? I am tired, but not the kind of tired where you fall straight asleep, more the type where you get annoyed that you don’t fall asleep because you need the sleep and start twitching and staring at the ceiling noticing blobs of paint that you’re not sure if you’re imagining, or have been ignoring for the past two years. Life is really hard sometimes, that’s what I have been immersing myself in Suits and A Series of Unfortunate Events recently, both of which have new episodes on Netflix. How have I forgotten how funny Neil Patrick Harris and the cast are in ASOUE?

Are you taking part in the Easter Readathon?

What are you reading this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Easter Readathon: Updates”

  1. Oh noo … I would had loved it, but eh.. I work all weekend. :/

    I opened this morning ’til 5, then middle tomorrow 3-8, and back opening ’til 5 sunday XD Sure I could attempt a bit but, im not sure i’ll go too too far; im a slow reader and I may need pauses ..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m in work most of the weekend too, 6 am starts right through :/ Just doing little bits here and there really. I think Kate just decided to do it as a bit of a spur of the moment kinda thing. It’s not too late to join in!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. mmmh, it’s already midnight on a saturday morning … so heh, ive lost a bunch of time already. Which.. I can be alot hard on myself.

        I think itd be better to just hop onto the next train !

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww thanks. I needed some snack motivation so I went crazy with the birds best cakes. They taste pretty good, although we’re running out.
      Thanks!! I did get bits done, and finally have finished Frenchman’s Creek so it was successful 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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