Adulting: Gallery Walls

A couple of weekends ago, I wrote a pair of posts about spring cleaning, in my life and on my blog. If I am honest, I haven’t done much with my blog, realising I needed to make some big decisions before I embarked on the mission. My room however, that was a different matter. I knew it needed sorting, and the response from the post confirmed that, so I set about tidying it.

It took a while, I can’t lie to you. There were lots of things to sort out and put away, and there was even furniture to move round. I sorted the mess on the floor, actually going through the papers and the clothes and sorting them into things to keep and things to chuck as I went, and started thinking of proper places to put things for the long run. I made full use of my under bed storage (something that I had completely forgotten about) and slowly but surely put my room together into a respectable place.

One of my favourite things about my bedroom is (obviously) making it my own. I have bedding which has maps on, some which has elephants on, and I have pictures, postcards, and photographs from some of my travels as well. I also have books, lots and lots of books. I love reading and everything bookish, and so last year finally decided to put some shelves in my bedroom. The problem? I had too many books for the shelf space. The shelves I had were visibly groaning under the weight, so I lucked out on an old bookcase from my parents house. My books looks great and have completely transformed that side of my bedroom.

It has now left an obviously bare wall on the other side. I have had some grand plans to make a gallery wall on there, but so far I haven’t got very far. I have picked up art, drawings, bookish related posters, adventure items, and lots of things that would great in a frame. The problem, they’re all different sizes and shapes. Before Christmas, I did make a decision that I wanted to make a gallery wall, and preemptively bought some frames, but only managed to actually frame a small selection of things.

Since then, I have expanded the collection of things I want to be part of the wall, and tidied my room enough to think about actually creating the wall. I have mixed and matched with frame types, but tried to keep everything black, silver, and white so that they all go together. There is also a huge variety in size, from small 6x4in postcard frames, to big 19.5×27.5in posters. I have seen lots of pictures of beautiful gallery walls, but still have no idea how to actually take mine from pictures and empty frames, to hung art on the wall.

I’ve read a few tips and tricks, from marking the walls with chalk, to using brown paper and sizing things up. I just don’t quite know what to do. I haven’t put all of the pieces in frames yet, and there is still at least one piece that has been ordered but hasn’t arrived. I just don’t know quite yet how I am going to take the pieces that I have and transfer them into a pattern that I like and think looks good. Once I’ve decided on a layout, I then have to successfully hang the pieces on the wall. I don’t yet know the method, or the pattern, and I don’t yet have every piece I want in there, so I know I am getting a little ahead of myself, but I am excited. I have been planning having a gallery wall in my house for 2 years, pretty much since I moved in, so it will be good to finally embrace that.

So with this in mind, I am asking for some advice and guidance. Have you got a gallery wall? How did you plan it, and then get that vision transferred successfully onto your wall? Have you ever been tempted to, or successfully added, some new pieces to a wall that has already been established?

So that’s my thoughts this Sunday Evening, this Mother’s Day. I have been starting at these frames for long enough, and I want to take the plunge and get my wall started.

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