Bout of Books 21: Day 6

Wahhhh, it’s the weekend, it’s the penultimate day of Bout of Books 21, and I don’t want it to end! I have pretty much no plans for today other than work, read, blog, and chat. It sounds great in some respects, but I think it’s going to be a weekend in front of a computer, being tired, and being indoors. We’ll see what the weekend brings, eh? What are you planning to do with yours?

There will be a Twitter Chat at 10am CST (TZCso if you’re up and about online, you should definitely take part. Make sure to follow @BoutofBooks and use #BoutofBooks when sharing posts on social media! I’m definitely going to be there, my work shift slide has timed it perfectly to be home and online!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


5:45am: I feel like a broken record now, but it’s early and I am definitely starting to flag now. My last 6am start for a little while is tomorrow morning, I can do it. I opted to listen to music in the way to work. When you’re tired, the twee and quaint story that is Anne of Green Gables is not the stimulating sound you want to hear when driving. Is that harsh? Probably, sorry not sorry. I have decided to scrap my other reads for now and just look into Exile. I’ve wanted to read it for so long!

8:15am: Work is pretty shhhh this morning (there is a word beginning with Q, the opposite of loud, that is a jinx in this place so we avoid using it) so I’ve started a new book, Exile by James Swallow, that I have been meaning to read for aggggges. I know I’m going to love it because the first book in the series was awesome.

10:20am: I’m on my lunch at the moment and realised I don’t have a card or money or lunch. Emma came to the rescue so I used money on my Starbucks account to get something nice. I came back and the phone lines are rammed. The world is waking up. Not sure I’ll get any more reading done for a while.

14:35pm: I decided to listen to Anne of Green Gables on the way home from work and sort myself out. I didn’t manage to read anymore at work so I had to get some reading in. I’m nearly half way through and ready for it to be over if I’m honest. Emma and I are planning to rush round the shops and get a grocery shop, all before the Twitter chat at 4pm (11am ET) I’ll be There, will you?

15:55pm: I’m poised and ready to go. I’ve decided to try TweetDeck as well, I mean business. Join us?!

18:30pm: The Twitter chat was really amazing. The recommendations were flying left, right, and centre, I’m going to have so much to go back and sort through!! It was nice to get to know some new people to Bout of Books and also to chat to some of the more seasoned readathon-ers. I’ve decided to host some Twitter chats in 30 mins if you fancy it? Away from reading, I’ve discovered that Emma has an industrial sandwich maker. This is a game changer, no, life changer!

21:00pm: I’m done in! The sprints were awesome and a few people dived in and took part with me. They seem to be quite popular, so I think I’m going to host some more tomorrow. Keep you eye out on the #boutofbooks for times, it’s likely to be around 7pm GMT/2pm ET/11am PT again. The sprints really worked for me tonight. Even as tired as I am I still read 100ish pages. I’m loving this book too!! I’m going to have to leave the challenge for tomorrow, I’m just to tired to do anything other than crawl upstairs. See you all tomorrow for the final day!


Coming soon!

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