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Fat Friday: Week 15

Howdy! How is everyone doing this cold, miserable January evening? I bet you’re all looking forward to the weekend, am I right? I’m sadly in work all weekend, well, not all weekend, but I’m in on early shifts so my weekend is pretty much out of action. I don’t mind, it could be worse, they could be late shifts, but I’ll still pretty much do nothing with my weekend. We’re in the middle of my favourite readathon, Bout of Books, and as I’m quite strapped for cash at the moment, I don’t think I’ll end up doing that much this week.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I am to improve my life for the better!

I’m not gonna lie, I was quite sad, upset, and disappointed with my lack of progress last week. I was pretty devastated to see the scales tip to +2lbs, I was gutted that some of the progress I had made before Christmas had been undone, and was worried that I had completely careened off track with no clue how to get back on. I think it may have been the push I needed to get back in the game, but it was pretty rubbish and made me feel like absolute crap. I quickly realised that I didn’t want to feel like that again this week.

First things first was to get back exercising. Yes, my foot still hurts and if anything has got worse, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a type of exercise that will help, or at least that won’t hinder. I gave yoga a go, and actually really quite enjoyed doing Yoga at home. I gave Adriene’s 30 Day’s of Yoga – Day 1 workout a go (click here to give it a go yourself) and actually thought it wasn’t too bad. It didn;t hurt my foot, it definitely helped my back, and it was a relatively low key workout to get back with it. I decided not to risk zumba, as that is high impact on your foot, but gambled with the gym. Yes, it hurt, and yes I can tell I’ve lost quite a lot of fitness, but it was good to do a harder workout, and then I went with my Mum to aquacise. I love being in the water, and the class gave me no pain whatsoever. I really should do these classes more often when I get the chance!

Eating has been much harder to improve. I don’t eat that unhealthily on the whole, but I have grown accustomed to eating a little more and eating more unhealthy things over Christmas, which is hard to shake when you have the taste for it. Snacks were starting to creep a little way onto the radar again, and I was craving unhealthy things like chocolate all over again. Having Emma back in the house has certainly encouraged us both to cook and think about our meals again, and I am starting to remember to take lunch to work again, but all in all this is the  struggle I have at the moment. Hopefully, as the exercise gets a little easier and becomes routine again, so will the eating?

I have had an weird week. It’s been Bout of Books, which is one of my favourite readathons, challenges, events that happens each January (and May, and August). I have really got back into reading this week, which is really nice and is stopping me watching quite as much TV as I had been. TV is definitely snackbait.

WEIGHT: This week: -1lb Total: -18lb

EXERCISE: 3 Sessions: 1x Yoga, 1x Gym, 1x Aquacise

MOOD: Optimistic

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Salt and vinegar chickpeas

HINTS/TIPS of the week: 30-day yoga with Adrienne

Any weight loss is victory, even if I really wanted to lose the weight that I put on last week and get back to -19lb. Onwards and upwards.

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