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Bout of Books 21: Day 4

I hate this point in the readathon. It suddenly feels so much closer to the end than the beginning and it’s only just begun! How are you all getting on? How are you finding It? I’m pleased to say that it’s got me reading again!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


10:35am: I was so tired last night that I got into bed before 11am and didn’t even attempt to try and read anymore, listen to anymore, or even watch anything. I was all about the sleepy time. I needed the sleep, the early starts were catching up with me. I’ve got a day off today, full of plans to wash up, do laundry, fill in my diary, go to aquacise, and of course, read and blog. It feels weird that I’ve not done today’s challenge yet…

11:30am: So I had these grand plans to tidy and clean the whole house this morning but instead I read a load of The Hazel Wood. I’m 86% through, so close yet so far!! I did discover, or re-discover I should say, that putting an Audiobook on while you do basic chores such as washing the dishes really does help! I’m not sure I’m ready for aquacise. I haven’t been in ages and I can’t remember if my swimming costume still fits. I’m sure it does. Hopefully this will help me lose a little bit more weight before tomorrow’s fat Friday weigh in?

13:30pm: Today has been a good day so far. I’ve done a fair amount of washing up, I’ve been to aquacise, Mum made Lentil soup (that was really nice). Hopefully I’ll stay on this good path for the day?!

16:30pm: I mean, I’ve kind of stayed on this path of doing stuff, and I’ve got some more stuff done, but as soon as you do something then you remember three more things you were meant to do. Dad looked at the boiler which is hopefully going to let us heat the house a little better. I’ve finished both The Hazel Wood and Fantastic Mr. Fox, the latter was read in one sitting, and both were proof that doing these sprints on Twitter really helps my reading progress. I’ve also put on a bit of washing and started changing my bedding. There is no feeling like a clean bedding night!! If I could just finish the washing up and get another set of laundry in then I could declare today a good day. I do still need to do today’s challenge. 

19:30pm: OK, I completely admit that I didn’t read or do any more washing up, but in my defence I did find out that UKTV Play were about to remove Helicopter ER from their back catalogue so I had to watch it really. It literally won’t be there tomorrow. I did do another set of laundry and remove my bedding. Definitely a new bedding night for me 😍

21:00pm: So I just arrived at the pub for the pub quiz. We smashed it last week with 49/50. Here’s hoping to doing the same again. I gave up putting my new bedding on for this. I have managed the sheet and the four pillow cases but I don’t have a duvet cover. That is dedication people. In other news, I really need to decide what I am going to read next!

23:00pm: We bombed out in the quiz majorly. Like didn’t win the picture quiz, the main quiz, or the money pot. It was pretty bad. It doesn’t happen very often. Oh well. I really need to do today’s challenge, but if I’m honest, I’m probably just going to do it in the morning. It’s a really good one too. I also don’t know what book to read next. Part of me wants to read The Intruder but I’m not sure I’m ready for another creepy read, so it might have to be Ruin and Rising. I’m really not sure, what do you think? 


Better late than never, right? Today’s challenge was all the favourites, so using the prompt I thought up some favourites and ran with it!

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