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Bout of Books 21: Day 3

Well I think it is safe to say that yesterday was a much more productive day than Monday. I finished A book, I listened to more of my audiobook and I really made some tracks with an e-ARC. I also decided to hold a couple of sprints. I saw a friend do it and decided that it would help me concentrate my own reading efforts, and hopefully help others too. I’ll probably hold some more later in the week and put my Expert tag to good use!!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


05:45am: my morning’s just get earlier and earlier, because yep, I’m already in work for my 6am shift. These are actually my favourite shifts, but the early mornings don’t get any easier!! I’ve already listened to a bit of an Audiobook this morning and might see if I can read more later! Check out my book spine rainbows below too!!

08:15am: I’m hungry and I have over an hour until my first break. How will I cope? How will I survive? I need coffee too. Not just a cup, I need intravenous caffeine right now!! On a positive note, I’m flying through The Hazel Wood. It’s suddenly got very real, super creepy, involved. I’m suddenly really enjoying it. Some books are just slow burners I guess. 

11:40pm: I’m so tired that I feel like I could curl up and go to sleep on this lunch break. I am definitely going to have to have a nap after work again. I’m just not sleeping very well at the moment. I’m almost 50% through The Hazel Wood. It’s getting better and better. 

16:00pm: I wasn’t sure that Anne of Green Gables would be for me but so far I’m really enjoying the contrast of listening to it whilst reading YA/fantasy. That said, it’s nap time…

17:45pm: So that nap did nothing at all. It was barely a Nap!! We went to the shops tonight to collect an online sale order. It’s I credible how empty stores are after Christmas. I think I’ve seen a good value new laptop as well, once I’ve looked into it and got my parents opinion I’ll probably order it. Thank heavens for credit cards.

19:30pm: Emma and I make these wrap pizzas from Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 cookbook and they’re just so good, especially now as the recipe is our bitch. Seriously you should try them. It’s going to be reading fuel. Emma is going to do some sprints in a bit I think.

22:45pm: I’m done for. I’m tired. I’m dying. I’m hooked into my book. It turns out sprinting is a really good way to focus reading energy, something I discovered last night. I couldn’t resist joining in again. I’m 75% done with The Hazel Wood. If it wasn’t for my drooping eyelids I would be finishing this bad boy tonight!! See you on day 4!


Today’s challenge is all about colourful book spines. I like colourful books, and I like pretty spines that match and compliment each other in a series or set of editions. I have quite a few sets of books that have colourful spines in almost every colour in the rainbow and absolutely love to take line them up when I can. Let’s see you colourful book spine rainbows!

My first rainbow is made from my Word Cloud Classics. They’re designed in a mutiltude of colours and make a brilliant rainbow effect. My collection grew again over Christmas so the rainbow is getting bigger!

My second rainbow is actually a relatively new collection. I love Roald Dahl and decided to collect the hardback editions of his books. I finished the collection using vouchers I got from work and at Christmas. I can’t help but think their colouring are actually designed to make a rainbow. What do you think?

How is your readathon going? What are you reading and enjoying this week?

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