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Bout of Books 21: Day 2

And we’re off, we’re on the second day of the readathon already. Did you manage to get some reading done yesterday? Did you do the challenge? Did you manage to join in with the twitter chat? Sadly I missed it as I have a very early start today and needed my rest, and it fell at 2am for me! Don’t forget, today is the last day that you can sign up, so make sure you added your link here.

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!


06:00am: There is absolutely nothing good about getting up and out by this time to make it into work for you pre-shift Overtime. OK, I will still get to finish early, and yes I do prefer doing Overtime at the beginning of my shift, but even so… I did listen to more of Anne of Green Gables before work so there is at least that!

09:00am: I have been reading. I have been reading. I read 20 pages of Siege and Storm last night before bed and I’ve read a further 45 pages this morning. And I listened to another 20mins of Anne of Green Gables. That’s so much better than yesterday already. I’m hoping to finish SaS today if I can!

11:30am: I’ve just finished my first book of this readathon. Siege and Storm has gone down. Boom. I feel better now. I’m not sure what to read next though. I might dive into one of my ARCs, maybe Hazel Wood. Such a big decision. How are you getting on?

15:35pm: I decided to start The Hazel Wood as it’s due out in February and I want to read and review it before then. I’m so tired I might have to nap. My new motto is ‘If you don’t snooze, you lose’. I know, it’s awesome right?

17:30pm: I just want to stay in bed and absolutely not get up for the gym. Who likes the gym? It’s going to be packed. Urgh.

19:30pm: I went. I committed. I am seriously unfit. I mean that’s nothing new, but any fitness I had before Christmas has just evaporated!! I’m pleased I did it though, it’s going to help me get back on track with Fat Friday and hopefully kick start my weightloss again. Once I’ve made dinner (chorizo, pepper, and onion scrambler with brown toast for anyone interested) I’m going to do some Twitter sprints for anyone interested?!

21:45pm: I was going to bed at 9pm but then I got into the Twitter sprints and into my book. I’m not sure what I think yet but something major went down at the end of the last chapter so I think it’s about to take off!! I’m up super early in the morning (again) so it’s bedtime for Liz!! Have a great evening.


The challenge for day 2 is all about goals and resolutions. I have set myself a lot of resolutions for 2018 (you can read all about my New Year’s Resolutions here), some of which are lifetsyle related, some regarding day to day life, and then there are some about reading. My reading goals are all centred around reading consistently, reading broadly, and involving myself in the book community:

Read at least 52 books

I found this an attainable and enjoyable goal last year, so I am bringing it back. There is something the Goodreads Reading Challenge that makes this simpler, and it makes me keep reading, which is really important. I thought about upping it from last year, but I want this to be something I can achieve, and as I have been off reading recently I don’t want to make it too difficult or too high to reach.

Read 5 classics

I haven’t read enough classics in my life, and now as I have a much larger collection, access to audiobooks as well as paper books, and someone living with me who reads more classics, I think it’s high time I actually read some literature with a classical pedigree.

Read 3 Non-fiction

In 2017, the books I harped on most about and the ones I liked the best turned out to be non-fiction. I don’t read that much non-fiction usually, but I have purchased a lot more non-fiction books recently. Combine this with my recent liking for memoirs, I think I want to try and keep it up and make sure I continue to read this genre. I find non-fiction keeps  my brain more active than fiction too which is a good side-effect.

Take part and actively engage in at least 5 readathons

2o17 was the year of the readathon in my world. I signed up to lots, and completed almost all of them. Not only did I take part, but I thoroughly enjoyed the world of the readathon too. I may have taken part, but I didn’t always engage well with other participants and the wider community so I want to take a more active part in at least 5 readathons during 2018. That means more twitter chats, more comments, more challenges, and more thought into my own posts.

Review every book I read

I really like to look back at what I do and try and remember how it made me feel at the time. Reviewing all of the books I read in 2017 really made me think about the things I was reading, what I liked and didn’t like, and how they stacked against each other. It was’t a resolution as much as something that happened, and I’d like to keep it and make if official in 2018.

What are your bookish resolutions? What are your reading goals for 2018? How are you finding Bout of Books 21 so far?

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 21: Day 2”

  1. As I said before – good luck! I could never review every book I read, even short reviews… But I’m in awe of you for even attempting it! I think your goals are all attainable – I can be a cheerleader! 😛

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