26th Birthday Unwrapped

As we enter December, and approach the festive period, I decided it was probably a good time to look back and thank everyone for the awesome set of presents that I got this year for my birthday. I had a wonderful birthday this year. I celebrated early by seeing The Killers as a treat to myself, and then spent time with friends and family celebrating in IKEA, The Tavern, and at home. I was very lucky this year as well, I received an incredible set of presents from some very generous people, so, a big thank you to everyone who made me feel old in the best possible way!

The Killers, who I went to see the week before my birthday and who I am still yet to recover enough from to actually finish writing a review post of, kicked off my birthday celebrations in style. They were simply brilliant, playing hit after hit intermingled with awesome tunes from their new record. Brandon Flowers was the consummate lead singer, and had the swagger and the look down, and it was just a great night. After being slightly sceptical about how good the night would be, they smashed all of my expectations and were simply one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen.

After The Killers, things took a slightly calmer turn. I had a nice run of 4 days off, and celebrated doing not very much (let’s be honest, that’s usually the best way to celebrate). We spent the weekend taking my Gran to the local garden centre Dobbie’s, and enjoying a weekend full of reading and relaxing, and very little else.

We went big on Monday 13th November, the day before my birthday. Emma took the day off work, and so we hit the Tavern early for a preparatory breakfast. IKEA is a big place full of lots of people trying to avoid following the designated route, desperately hunting out the one item they came for and trying to avoid adding too much superfluous crap into their bright yellow shopping bag. As Emma and I are fond of the odd day out to IKEA, and because she had also decided to give in and buy an armchair, we hit the store. We actually didn’t buy too much that we didn’t need, which is supremely impressive, and this year, only bought one cuddly toy on the way round, which is a borderline miracle! IKEA on a Monday late morning is so much quieter than the weekend!

On my birthday itself, my Aunt and Trish came up to visit from Wolverhampton, and took me out for a drink and some lunch in the city. It was a nice lunch time outing and was a pleasant way to spend the first part of my birthday. In the evening, we invited my Gran round, and I had a kind of party tea with my brother’s, their girlfriends, my Gran and Emma. It was a pretty awesome evening that finished with a video call to my parents, who at the time were still enjoying a holiday. In Disney. In Florida. On my birthday. I know, how unfair right?


I opened most of my presents while I was at the party tea, and was overwhelmed with the thoughtful and generous gifts I received. My pyjames and slippers have been worn all round the house, and my candle and globe paperweight have taken pride of place on my bookshelf in my bedroom. As it’s no December, I have began to open and be spoilt by my advent calendar too! I was so lucky to get such an amazing set of presents, and look forward to starting my Pandora charm collection now as I have a black leather charm bracelet. A special little thank you to my work team as well, the zombies are ready to frame my growing graphic novel collection, and have added to my sets of bookends that are dotted around the house!

I received a few vouchers, some which I spent straight away, and some which I am saving until Emma and I go to London. The Starbucks voucher has been put in my purse for a coffee in the capital, and I have also earmarked my Debenhams voucher for a treat while I am there too. I spent my Amazon vouchers on a mixture of books and a hard-drive, adding to my collection of Word Cloud Classics, and finally being able to buy a storage place for all of my travel pictures, music, and films.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who treated me and made my birthday pretty special. Here’s to a great year!

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