Bullet Journal: The Ressurection

Can you believe that it’s Sunday night and the weekend is already over…again? No me neither, time seems to disappear so fast at the weekend! This weekend has highlighted my poor time management, so this weekend I have decided to start planning ahead. For someone who is inherently more laid back and has more of a ‘it’ll all work out alright in the end’ attitude, this is a fairly big step and a major decision. How am I going to do this you ask? Well, with a calendar and a bullet journal resurrection of course!


Way back in April, when it was getting sunny and I was preparing to head to America, I dropped a ridiculous amount of money on a phone that is definitely slightly beyond my technical capabilities. One of the features on there that has, thus far, sat completely unused is the calendar. I take my phone everywhere, and use it all the time, so why do I completely ignore such a useful built in app. I’ve had such a busy month so far, between dieting, fitness class-ing, overtiming, and blogging, so a little bit of organisation won’t go a miss. My Mum and Dad are also away for the next few weeks, which means more helping with Gran, and Emma and I both have a birthday in that time.

We also have a family calendar in the house (despite it just being the two of us) that we definitely don’t use to the maximum efficiency. When I was round at my parents today I realised just how heavily they rely on their wall calendar. Writing important dates, times, plans, schedules in a place that everyone can see when they pass is probably the most efficient thing to do. We do kinda use it to some degree at the moment, but getting into the habit of using it all the time is probably a good one to get into. Emma and I have had the Gruffalo calendar for the last year and are going to have to go Calendar hunting again soon.

Bullet Journal

I bought a bullet journal at the beginning of the year with the full intention of using it every day to track every little aspect of my life. I think I was about 2, maybe 3 months in, before I realised it wasn’t for me and abandoned it. I was tracking everything, and I think it just became a little too much to keep track of. I quickly found I spent more time going back and filling it in, that actually using it to plan forward (not at all what I was hoping for).

Emma on the other hand has used hers throughout the year, and recently, it has enabled us to plan around my rota and stop using it as an excuse for not doing things. So I have decided that I am going to give my bullet journal another go, but do it differently this time. Gone are the monthly calendars. Gone are the daily trackers. It’s going to be simple: one-side a diary layout, with big events, work schedules, and plans, and on the other side a to do list. This should allow me to plan ahead, and think about what’s in my calendar vs bullet journal, and allow me to make more use of my spare time.

Do you use a calendar or bullet journal to plan? What tips do you have?

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