Fat Friday, General

Fat Friday: Week 3

Helllooooo there. It’s almost the weekend. You’ve almost made it! I’m limping home, both figuratively and literally, I’ve just got 4 hours left before I have some time off to do nothing. I have no plans this weekend after my overtime finishes, and I am looking forward to it more than you would believe. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I am to improve my life for the better!

I’m still going guys. I am still dieting. I am still exercising. I am still finding it OK. Last week, I wrote all about how I was into a routine and finding it a little bit easier. Boy did I speak too soon. I am still in a relatively good pattern, and I am still holding steadfast with the snack refusal, but I am finding it a little harder as a whole. I did a yoga class last Friday afternoon followed by a Zumba class on Sunday morning, and by Sunday night my back was so bad that I was painkillered up with a hot water bottle on the sore spot. And it was like that for 3 whole days at work too. I had to go out and buy a water bottle especially, and then carry round my grey, furry, pom-pomed bottle around and already warm office.

The good news is that as the week has gone on, it’s got better. As mentioned, I have now attended my first (and second) Zumba classes. I don’t want to say Emma forced, or coerced me into going, but I wasn’t sold on the idea before, and don’t think I’d go now if she wasn’t going along as well. It’s harder than I expected, and highlights my lack of rhythm and coordination, but I guess it’s a different thing to be doing. I’ve realised that varying what I am doing keeps me interested, so I’m trying new classes.

In the spirit of trying new things that make me terrified, and varying my exercise routine, I have also taken part in my first ever spinning class. I survived it. This may sound like I am being over-dramatic, but I was genuinely fearing I may pass out, vomit, or die, and I did none of these things woo. I hated every second of it in a not bad way. I think I am confused about the whole thing. It was simultaneously the easiest and hardest workout I’ve ever done, the best and the worst workout I’ve ever done, and the most and least enjoyable workout I’ve ever done. I’ve decided to give it a chance and have booked in again for next Friday morning. I may regret that tomorrow when I feel how sore I will inevitably be. I just don’t understand how it can be OK, but also so dreadful. My bum also hurts. Like, really hurts. What is that saying again? Oh yeah, no pain, no gain.

In other news, Emma and I finally went out and bought non-stick baking trays. The revelation? Well, put simply, shit doesn’t stick.The sticking was always the issue with the pizzas that we make from Joe Wicks’ book (as mentioned last time round), and when we put them on a proper non-stick tray, they were a triumph. Emma has also been persuading me to eat jacket potatoes. For some reason I have it in my head (or had it I suppose) that I don’t really like them that much and would always choose something else. They’re relatively healthy so we bought some, and she did them, and I actually don’t mind them at all. We also made loaded potato skins this week, and boy were they good. They tasted nice, and they felt much naughtier than they were (although they weren’t the healthiest food we’ve ever made) so I think they will be making their way onto our regular menu.

I am slightly concerned about the week to come, and how this will effect my progress. I have my first (and second) treat days this week. It’s Emma’s 25th birthday on Tuesday, we’ve already booked in to see Thor: Ragnarok in IMAX 3D, and we’re going for some tapas, so I had this in mind as a really good day to have a bit of a breather and celebrate her birthday and my progress. It’s good to have an aim. I am also planning to take my Gran for Afternoon Tea next Friday. I bought it for her birthday at Patisserie Valerie, and I’m excited to finally get to take her out. We’re also going shopping for my birthday present (my birthday is on November 14th, and is the next day I’m aiming for) so it should be a nice afternoon and start to my first long weekend in absolutely ages. Sounds like a fun week, but let’s be honest it is going to be catastrophic for the diet. I think if I stay even next week I will take that as a victory.

WEIGHT: This week: -2lb Total: -11lb

EXERCISE: 3 fitness sessions: 2x Zumba, 1x Spinning

MOOD:  Tired and sore

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week:  Jamie Oliver’s Loaded Potato Skins

HINTS/TIPS of the week: Try different exercise classes until you find the right one(s) for you.

This week has been a week full of firsts. I like new things, they keep things fresh and engaging.

Bring on week 4.

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