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House Cup Reading Challenge | Progress Updates

Last week I signed up a to the House Cup Reading Challenge. I committed to taking part in the readathon over the next month, and have realised that I need a post to keep track of my progress! There is a set of rules, challenges, and scoring systems that can be found on The House Cup Reading Challenge sign up and TBR post. So, in an effort to take part and track my progress, I’m creating a master post to track my scores throughout this readathon.

So, an update master post. I tried this through #TheReadingQuest, which was a similar readathon earlier in the year. This readathon has a scoring system, and actually has a competition element, so I need a progress post to keep track of my progress and support my team (#TeamGryffindor!) I’ll update when I choose and complete a book and calculate my house points as I go through the challenges. There is also points (up to a maximum of 20) for social media musings and pictures, so I’ll try and keep a tab on that too. As I go along, I will also strikethrough any completed challenges (too keep me going as much as anything else). At the end, I’m going to report back to my house head girl Lauren @BetweenDPages.


Overall House Points: 210 HP

Main Challenge (20 Points)

First Year: Chew Vol #4: Flambé John Layman and Rob Guillory

Second Year: Chew Vol #5: Major League Chew John Layman and Rob Guillory

Third Year: Peter Pan J M Barrie

Fourth Year: The Stag and Hen Weekend Mike Gayle

Fifth Year: A Christmas Kiss Vicky Pattison

Sixth Year: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll

Seventh Year: Chew Vol #7: Bad Apples John Layman and Rob Guillory 

Bonus Challenges (10 Points)



RavenclawFrench Kiss James Patterson with Richard DiLallo


AstronomyThe Long Way To A Small Angry Planet Becky Chambers

Care of Magical Creatures

Tri-Wizard Tournament: $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal James Patterson with Hilary Lifton

OcclumencyChew Vol #6: Space Cakes John Layman and Rob Guillory

Death EaterGood Omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Platform 9 3/4:

Time Turner:

Fantastic Beasts:

Dumbledore’s Army:

Social Media Bonus Points: +20

Challenge Events

To kick off the challenge, the heads of houses will be hosting a Twitter chat starting at 8:00 p.m. EST to give everybody a chance to introduce themselves, talk about the competition, and answer some Harry Potter trivia questions. Be sure to follow along with the #housecupreadingchallenge hashtag.

At the end of the challenge, there will also be a hosted watch-along of one of the Harry Potter movies (to be decided via Twitter poll). There will be more details about this as the end of the challenge draws near on the hosts twitter.

Are you taking part in The House Cup Reading Challenge?

I’m team Gryffindor, what house are you in? What are you readimg?

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