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T5W: Creepy Settings

Oooooo, something spooky this way comes. We’re well into fall now, and before we know it Hallowe’en will be here. And with that comes all of the creepy and the spooky post ideas that are made for this time of the year, and this week is no exception to that!

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I’ve never been the biggest fan or a hater of Hallowe’en, I kinda just sit on the fence, I enjoy a spot of pumpkin carving and will get some sweets (candy for y’all American folks) in for the little squids who trick or treat, but that’s about as crazy as I get. I don’t really do horror films because I don’t get them, but then I do like the excuse to be able to wear a little bit of face paint for work. Last year, I I went simple with the facial drawings, but I think they were pretty cool?

This week’s topic is all about creepy settings, and if we’re honest, I can probably come up with more than 5 creepy novel settings, but these are probably the top 5:

  1. Farms/Industrial Buildings: I have watched many serial killer/crime shows, and probably read as many books, that have the characters who are kidnapped/being tortured/murdered in a farm out building, or an industrial back lot. They have lots of dark corners and unusual machinery and are just spooky as hell.
  2. Circus: I have never been to a fun circus, but I have heard things about circuses going wrong, and seen lots of battered circus tents and equipment with clowns walking round. I’m not even that bothered by clowns normally, but this combination gives me the heebie jeebies.
  3. Maze: I used to have a recurring nightmare where the childcatcher chased me around a maze in an abandoned industrial building (see the first on the list again!) and ever since then I have hated anything set in a maze, whether in books or in films.
  4. Victorian London: This is less a purely creepy and more an atmospherically creepy choice. Victorian London is an amazing setting for anyone wanting to up the creep factor in their book without going too ridiculous or obvios.
  5. Asylums/Prisons: Well this is a given. There have been so many stories set in asylums and/or prisons that are the scariest, the spookiest, and the craziest stories around. I think it’s made worse by the fact that they are often true, or based on true, stories. Nuh uh. Creepy as f*%k.

What story settings do you find especially creepy and spooky?

4 thoughts on “T5W: Creepy Settings”

  1. I don’t need any added scary to make me hate mazes. I once went on a trip to Hever castle when I was a kid with school and went in the maze there by myself. Couldn’t find the way out. Had a panic attack because melodramatic me decided I was going to be stuck in there forever and they were going to leave without me. Ah. School trips. Fun times.

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