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The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and I am looking longingly at my jumpers, which can mean only one thing: autumn is coming! And with autumn comes lots of things that I love, proper football nights under the floodlights, hot chocolates and fancy lattes, pumpkins and Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and lots of friends and family birthdays. I love autumn, it’s probably my favourite season.

As a new season rolls in, the internet and blogging community is over-run by TBR’s and goals, and it has made me realise how I don’t run my life by the seasons. Yes, I did write a fall TBR yesterday for Top Ten Tuesday (which you can read here) but i wrote it because I haven’t done a TTT in a while and wanted to do a TBR, and nothing to do with the fact that it is ‘Fall’.

I am not one who really reads seasonally. I don’t have genres or authors who I read more in the summer, and don’t have reads that are exclusively for the winter. I just read a variety of things all the time throughout the year. I just look at what I fancy reading, or what challenges are around at that time and pick what I am reading according to that, and pretty much that alone. I don’t understand how the seasons affect this.

And it’s not just reading, seasons don’t cause me to change what I would watch on TV, or follow in sport. Well, this is technically not true. Much of the sport I follow avidly, and the shows that I watch on TV, come back on the air in the autumn, so I suppose these are seasonal, but it’s not something I choose or prefer to do, it’s just circumstance. And it does sometimes make me wonder why they all come back when they do. Are we more likely to watch in the fall? Do we give more things a go?

The only thing in my life that truly changes is my wardrobe. I am a big fan of the fall wardrobe. I am not one to wear a big coat often (my friends and family will attest to this) but I am very much partial to a good pair of trousers/jeans, and a warm, thick jumper or cardigan. Knitwear is pretty much my favourite clothing, and I have lots of different jumpers and cardigans that I carefully store through the spring and winter and pull out with glee when the weather turns, like it has today. My collection of boots comes into their own, and I pull out my eclectic mix of socks delightedly. Wow, I sound like a weirdo.

Are you someone who thinks about things seasonally? Do you plan, and write, according to seasonal goals and lists? I don’t think I am organised enough for this, but if you do this, please write below, i’d love to here the different point of view!

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