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Book Haul #6

I told you that this would follow pretty soon. In fact, Book Haul #5 was only a week ago. Don’t worry, I didn’t acquire all these books in the week that I was away, I had been collecting them for a while and kept forgetting to actually write a post. Yes, I have already started Book Haul #7, but in my defence I haven’t been to a charity shop in a while so I had a tri-purchase accident this morning. I have been doing much better of late and thinking more before I hit buy on Amazon or snaffle all the books in the shop. I even went to big book shops in NYC and left every book on their shelves (it was difficult!)

So here’s a list of the books I have acquired recently!

Goodbye to Berlin Christopher Isherwood

The Willoughby Book Club has sent some interesting reads over the year I’ve had it, and this was no different. I’ve never heard of the book or the author, but the cover is really pretty and I’m glad I decided to renew my membership.

The Valkyries Paolo Coelho

Surprisingly (not) I know nothing about this read that I collected in the charity shop other than the authors name. I know he was responsible for The Alchemist so I thought I’d pick this up.

The Lock Artist Steve Hamilton

I know it is very unlikely that I will ever actually get round to writing anything, but, if I do I feel it’s likely that it will fall in the heist/crime genre. I read online that this is an essential Heist read, so picked it up as research as much as anything else. Hopefully reading a few more heist novels will make me more prepared if I give NaNoWriMo a go properly this year.

Talking with Serial Killers Christopher Berry-Dee

This non-fiction book has been adapted for a series on Netflix that has been raved about. I’ve wanted to see it for a while and when I found out it was a book decided to buy it. I’ve been on both a crime and non fiction kick of late, so this fell firmly in both categories.

The Axeman’s Jazz Ray Celestin

I bought a Ray Celestin book a haul or 2 ago because of the beautiful cover, which is a lot of the reason I ended up picking this up too. That, and the fact that this is his first book. I don’t know if they’re linked in anyway but I had to have it.

Flora’s Lot Katie Fforde

I am partial to the simplicity and the kindness that are in Katie Fforde’s books. They provide a lovely break from some of the more fantastical, or intense books that I read, and are often pleasant and naive reads that pass by quickly and enjoyably. So, when I saw it at the local book swap, I picked it up.

A Colder War Charles Cumming

I accidentally picked up the third book in the Thomas Kell series by Charles Cummings. I decided to then go an order the first books because I really liked the sound of them! The second one (this one) went and arrived first…

A Foreign Country Charles Cumming

…shortly followed by the first in the series. I have so many books that I want to read now that are in this spy genre, so I need to get cracking, but these are just what I need right now!

Billy and Me Giovanna Fletcher

I follow Gi on Instagram and Twitter and really enjoy her stories and pictures. I’ve even watched a few of her YouTube videos. She regularly talks about her writing, so I’ve bought this, her first book. I have no idea if I will like it or if it is actually going to be my thing, but I’m looking forward to it.

Last Night at Chateau Marmont Lauren Weisberger

I would be lying to you, lying I tell you, if I said I could remember where this came from. It was probably a charity shop, or the Birchwood Centre charity book drop, but it can’t be completely sure. Moral is that it was most likely for a good cause and I am hoping I’ll like it.

Wallbanger Alice Clayton

My friend Emma follows a lot of book tubers, and one has a particular fondness for new adult. During my time off work, I was reading a lot of Books of all genres and so, after hearing it was refreshingly amusing, decided to buy it.

Rusty Nailed Alice Clayton

I also pre-emptively purchased the second book in the series. I often read full new adult series because they read fast, so I made a judgement call. (I’ve already read it and it was a good decision *pats back*)

Screwdrivered Alice Clayton

I love the titles of these books. They’re so innuendo laiden and hilarious. I read Wallbanger as soon as it arrived, and because I enjoyed it so much, I bought this one too.

Mai Tai’d Up Alice Clayton

And this one. The books follow different characters from the original story, and I knew that I would want to read on and finish each ARC.

Last Call Alice Clayton

I mean c’mon. Surely this was inevitable. I managed to pick up the last novel (well novella) as well to complete the set. They have very attractive coloured spines on them and look really great lined up.

What books have you recently bought, or acquired?

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