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Book Haul #5

So, here we are again, looking at more photographs of books that I absolutely did not need but have acquired anyway! This has post has been quite a while in the pipeline now, so some of them I’ve actually already read and enjoyed! Not sure there needs to be anymore pre-amble, let’s get on with the show…

Stalker Lars Kepler

I literally picked this up because it sounded like a great mix of all things thriller, creepy, mystery, cops, and psychology. It literally sounds like my brain has mashed a load of things I like together. In a Scandanavian book. It may be fifth in the series, but I’ll give it a go.

Game of Spies Paddy Ashdown

Er, hello? Spies. This was for me, because, well, I love a good story about spies and spying and thrillery things and stuff. Basically, I was once again suckered in by Waterstone’s offer, but instead of it being a book that was a throwaway thriller, this sounded like it had more substance.

Nerve Jeanne Ryan

I recently watched this on Netflix, and actually really enjoyed the film (which I was a little surprised about). When I saw the book on Amazon, I decided to treat myself to it as a bit of a mindless, on offer read. For once, I actually really quite like the film tie-in cover that they have on this edition.

The Dry Jane Harper

If I am honest, I was wooed by the signs all over Waterstones telling me this was a book of the month, or had won some type of award, or something. That, and it has painted edges (they’re pale blue and clash wonderful with the front of the book). The synopsis on the back of the book sounded pretty interesting, so I thought I would listen to the Waterstones voices and buy it (in the Buy One Get One Half Price Offer that they always lure me in with.)

Roses are Red James Patterson

I have been collecting the books in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson for a few years. I really enjoy a thriller, and he is now fairly renowned for writing paperback thrillers to take on holiday….

Violets are Blue James Patterson

…so when I saw the next two instalments that I didn’t own in the local charity shop, it was a no brainer to pick them up and add them to the shelf!

Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale and Stan Redding

I really like stories about con men and con artists. I actually really like the film adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio. I saw it in the charity shop and just thought ‘yeah, go on then’.

The Innocent Killer Michael Griesbach

There is a Netflix show out at the moment based on the lifestory of this man. I’ve thought about watching it for a while and keep forgetting to put it on. His story of innocence, wrongful conviction, and then guilt, is fascinating, too fascinating to leave behind.

100 Ideas That Changed the World Jheni Osman

I saw this in the charity shop. Absolutely did not need it, but, I really enjoy perusing this kind of ‘coffee table’ read! And it was for a good cause!

Muhammad Ali: A Memoir Michael Parkinson

I had not long visited Louisville Kentucky when I purchased this. Visiting the childhood home of Muhammad Ali, and the museum celebrating his life, I decided I wanted to read a bit further into him, and who better to read a book about a person by?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher‘s Stone J K Rowling (House Pride edition)

In my defence, I bought this in a 3 fo £10 offer. I had bought 2 other books and it equalled £11 so if I bought this it actually saved me money. I was never ever going to refuse it after that. Probably didn’t need it, but I wanted it. Same same but different.

George‘s Marvellous Medicine Roald Dahl

I just love this series of hardback, and I love George’s Marvellous Medicine. It is such a ridiculous story, such a brilliant book, and such a stunning cover, that it had to be the next in the series that I bought. It also means I now have the trio of books that first introduced me to the brilliance of Dahl.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl

I had completely lost my yellow 2-in-1 version of the Charlie and the… Roald Dahl books that I had as a kid, and this book was on offer. I was looking at my wishlist, thinking about treating myself to another edition in the colourful set and this jumped out at me, all on offer and cheap.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Roald Dahl

Well, it would be rude to by the first book, and not the second one. I don’t remember loving this book if I am honest, but I’d like the hardback set on my shelf completed one day! They’re starting to look really awesome and pretty together.

The Lady and the Unicorn Rumer Godden

I don’t really know much about this book, and I had never heard of it before Willoughby book club sent it through the post and it dropped on my doorstep. I’ve added it to my classics shelf, which is actually starting to grow, and will look one day at getting round to it!

The Duo Avocado Elaine Dundy

Again, this is a Willoughby Book Club read that I literally know nothing about, but have acquired since the last book haul. I am amassing quite the collection now, and it’s not stopping now as I have signed up for another year!

I have already planned, and photographed Book Haul #6, please don’t judge me when that drops soon.

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