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Bout of Books 20: Day 6

I don’t wike it. Tomorrow is the end, and I don’t want the end already. I DON’T WIKE IT. (I realise that if you’re not as obsessed with Chris Evans as I am then this makes little to no sense, sorry). I saved myself from absolute irritation beyond measure last night by finishing a poetry collection, and d’you know what, I enjoyed it and I am a staunch believer that poetry is universally rubbish.

Today, there is lots of things to fill this sunny weekend day with. Reading, a great challenge, and of course a twitter chat. I have realised I am in work at 4pm local time to me when it is on (10am CST), but I am hoping to take my lunch to coincide with it. I don’t want to miss out. If not, I’ll sporadically be involved.


9:00am: Lie-ins are great. They’re awesome. I can’t do it like I used to because of all the early starts, but I like not having to get up early more than you would believe. I bashed out Wishing for Birds  last night which wasn’t on any of my TBRs, but I read something, and finished something, and enjoyed something, so that is always good. I promise that I am going to try and finish A Dance with Dragons: Part II today. I really want to finish it now, I’m so close! I’m hoping to make the chat later, desperately hoping. We’ll see.

12:30pm: I’m at work way early because of the train, so I read 35 pages of A Dance with Dragons Part II AND I did a tag pre-emptively to post while I am away in America. Look at me all organised and stuff. I am so close now, within 60 pages, of finishing ADWD so I will get that read today. I will.

15:45pm: I think I am just about going to be able to slip onto my lunch at around 4pm. Sadly it will only be for 30mins, but some of the Twitter chat is better than none of the Twitter chat, Right? I don’t want to miss both entirely.

17:30pm: I love a good Twitter chat. I love meeting new people. I love getting new recommendations. I love seeing how other Bout of Book-ers are getting on with their readathon. I did manage to get on my lunch for 4pm, and took part properly in the first half of the readathon. Sadly I was back on the phone at work during the second half, but still managed to answer the questions and see some of the great challenge ideas other Bout of Book-ers had. Don’t forget, about a month before, the lovely ladies who run the chat out a shout out for challenge ideas, so make sure you fill it in and get your challenge on the map.

20:30pm: I’m home. I’m tired. I’m quite cold. BUT I have a day off tomorrow – huzzah – and I have finally finished A Dance with Dragons Part II – huzzah. I even managed to start reading When Dimple Met Rishi which is my next #TheReadingQuest challenge. To be honest, I’m too tired to read much more tonight but I’ve got somewhere today!

23:00pm: I’m just climbing into bed realising I haven’t yet done today’s challenge. Dammit. I can go back and do it tomorrow? I’m annoyed at myself, but at least I have done a Twitter chat – so relieved I kinda made it!! I’ve finished a book and read 5 chapters of When Dimple Met Rishi which is good so far. All in all it has been a good day. Bed time!


Who’s the character you LOVE to HATE? Well, for today’s challenge, we’re thinking of the characters who we just love to hate. A big thanks to Darcus for today’s challenge! So, who do I love to hate? Here’s a few:
  • Edward Cullen AND Bella Swan – Twilight Saga Stephanie Meyer – Let’s be honest, there are no redeeming features about this toxic couple.
  • Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/Deathly Hallows J K Rowling – She is just vile, horrible, mean, vindictive, jealous, and downright evil.
  • Frodo Baggins – Lord of the Rings J R R Tolkien – It’s a good job that Sam was as dogged as he was and the fellowship were as dedicated and talented as they were, or the wimpy pathetic leaf of a character that is Frodo would never have managed to destroy the ring.
  • Jon Snow – A Song of Ice and Fire George R R Martin – I’m sorry to all those who worship this guy, but I don’t like him. He’s so stuck on, and in, the past, that he becomes one-dimensional and mopey, and by the time things start to happen for him and you may want to like him, you’re too far down the dislike track.

8 thoughts on “Bout of Books 20: Day 6”

    1. I have this feeling in my bones that it will only be written when he dies, by someone who picks up his notes and his ideas and finishes what he currently seems incapable of finishing!
      But yep, I finished wooo!

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      1. I’m hoping he at least finishes winds of winter himself. But I have resigned myself to him dying before he writes a dream of spring!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am hoping that the TV show ending will give him the inclination to remember the books are why everything is like it is now. Hopefully he isn’t too far from publishing it, and then either he, or someone else can write A Dream of Spring.

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