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Bout of Books 20: Day 5

It’s nearly the weekend. Huzzah! Shame I don’t have it off. It’s nearly the end of the readathon, booooo! Liz is making dreadful progress and might need to stay up for a year to actually get any reading done during this readathon, boooooooooooooooo! I really should have read more than I did yesterday, but I didn’t, so now I am left dragging behind my challenges. Sigh.

Emma is going home today for the weekend, so I am home alone tonight, so the plan is to have a quiet reading night in and make some serious progress.


7:10am: We’re back to the morning routine of fitting into each others schedule and working out how many minutes later I can set my alarm before I am pushing it way way way too far to actually get up.  Next door seem intent on keeping us up all night all the time for no reason at the moment, and I am tired after a week of it! I definitely think setting my alarm two minutes earlier and making Emma and I a coffee is helping a bit. I was supposed to read last night when I got into bed, but I got distracted by Ambulance’s return to the BBC instead. #sorrynotsorry.

8:00am: I needed that caffeine. I wish it wasn’t frowned upon to have hook up caffeine drips, or injections, in your bag, Am I addicted?

8:01am: Y’know what, don’t answer that? K Thx bye.

9:15am: I’m having a better readathon day Today, because unlike yesterday, I’ve actually read something. About 45 pages of something to be exact. Going to give finishing A Dance with Dragons Part II today a really good go. I also stumbled across this from someone who I’ve liked for years, but constantly goes up in my estimations (and she was pretty damn high already):

12:30pm: I love the ladies in our work canteen, they’re amazing and lovely, but…..the portion of salad was like weight lifting. Not sure why I sound like this is a bad thing, just thought I’d mention it.

16:30pm: D’you know what, I’ve had a pretty good day at work today. I’ve enjoyed myself, which is always nice, I’ve had fantastic feedback, and I think my improving health (and hopefully outook) is giving me a better ability to cope with things that are difficult, and generally leaving me with more energy to deal with being tired, in pain, and what not. On a sad note, my friend is leaving, but, she’s going to travel the world, so I’m made up for her too.

19:30pm: I read, again, woo go me. That’s, erm, what you’re supposed to do when it comes to a readathon Liz. But seriously, I read another 35ish pages on the train today, which is better than yesterday. Once I’ve had my dinner, and finished an episode of DIY SOS, I plan to read tonight. Like really read.

22:30pm: Sometimes I have these grand plans to do things with my evenings, and then they just don’t happen. Tonight is case and point. I was planning on reading all night. I was supposed to be finishing A Dance with Dragons: Part II, and that really hasn’t happened. Sometimes I just can’t get into the swing of reading, or I am just too tired, or simply don’t want to, and tonight turned out to be one of those nights despite my plans. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, right? RIGHT?!

23:59pm: I picked myself up, borrowed a book (actually a poetry collection by an independent poet/author) and read it cover to cover. I feel less rubbish now. Yes it was short, but I’m not a poetry person by any stretch, and as it’s published by a small press it works perfectly for a #TheReadingQuest challenge. Woop.


Today’s challenge is all about reviews, and more than That, about well placed reviews. It’s the brain child of fellow Bout of Booker Jenni Dorner, and I like it. So Today, we’re placing a review on a platform that is used to help fellow readers: Goodreads/Amazon and alike.

I am dreadful at recommendations. I don’t like the pressure of recommending a book, I don’t like the pressure that the other person feels under to like it, and I’m really not very good at it. But I like reviews, and reviewing, and more than that I use other people’s reviews as guidelines for almost everything I do: choose a book, order a dress, watch a movie, buy those shoes. So this year, I’ve actually reviewed every book I’ve read, and each review I have put on my Goodreads (found here) so that hopefully, one day, a review I give helps someone else choose!

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic #2) V E Schwab

The Princess Diarist Carrie Fisher

3 thoughts on “Bout of Books 20: Day 5”

  1. Love that feminist quote and go, you! Reviewing every book you’ve read! I had like one or two years where I didn’t and when I go back to look and see the no-review, I cringe! I’ve been trying to keep up with reviews ever since. Hope you get some good reading time in despite not being off this weekend!

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