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Bout of Books 20: Day 4

Oh no, this is the turning point! We’re getting to that point where there are less days to go than there have been in the readathon, and I don’t even vaguely playing the game of thinking about Bout of Books ending. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone this week. I have had some of the nicest comments, replies, and responses to my challenge yesterday and my posts/tweets this week. It’s really made me smile through a hectic, hard working week.

Now, if only the volume I was reading at could just pick up the pace a little bit!


8:30am: You will notice that this is not painful o’clock in the morning, or even ‘let’s combine a morning routine to maximise the coffee aspects of this horrendous time’ that Emma and I have had going on for the past few mornings. That, folks, is because I have not been stupid enough to sign up for overtime today AND my parents are very kindly offering to take me to work rather than catching the train, as they are heading in my work direction to go furniture shopping. The upside is a pleasant car ride and no train fare, the downside in terms of the readathon is that I won’t read during the journey. But I’d rather have it this way for sure. I shouldn’t be too tired to actually read when I get home tonight either.

9:50am: OK, so I haven’t read anything yet this morning, and I didn’t read anything more last night. Oops. But what I have remembered is how much better it is to get to work by car than by train. As soon as I can drive again…well…i’ll be a much happier person with more free time.

11:45am: It’s amazing how much quicker a work day goes and how much better your mood is when you get a proper nights sleep, have a proper breakfast, and don’t have low morale in work. Is this what the car means? I can’t wait to get a car again. I was going to read tonight, y’know, have a big night in reading, but then I remembered that I need to sort my currency for my holiday and that the pub quiz is on, so I think that plan might be evaporating as fast as it was appearing. Maybe I can have a big night of reading tomorrow. On Friday night. I really know how to live!

14:00pm: The canteen in work did Caribbean Street food for lunch. Today is a good day.

16:30pm: So the Caribbean food made me sleepy, and I’m in work until 6pm. It’s apparently not OK to fall asleep while talking to customers on the phone so I’m…erm…concerned. I’ve also decided to set myself a challenge: Finish both A Dance with Dragons Part II AND A Conjuring of Light before the readathon is over. Why do I do this to myself?? Whyyy. In other news, I’m also eagerly awaiting the Champions League draw to see who Liverpool will have to try and overhaul to get anywhere in Europe this year. I’m excited and nervous. I love and hate this: hate the stress, but love the fact my team are involved in it again.

18:30pm: I forgot how stressful draw day is when your team is in it. Some of those groups were looking seriously nasty, can’t help but think we got off slightly lightly there. I’m pleased. And I’m on my way home. And I’m frantically trying to help Mum and Dad book flights to go and watch Liverpool play away in Europe. Oh to be retired, eh?

22:00pm: I had fajitas for tea, and even though they claimed to be smoky barbecue, the after spice stays round for a while! I’ve had a seriously good food day actually. Emma and I have bashed out some holiday planning. We now have a pretty good action plan for our day to day activities, we have our spends/money calculated, we know where we’re getting it from (currency is something that baffles my brain) and we have planned a last minute trip to town to get any essentials that we have inevitable forgotten to buy/pack/factor in. Emma is away this weekend, so by the time she gets back, we’ll really be into last gasp holiday run in, too late to really sort things out. I’ve (finally) done today’s challenge. I’m not too good at this kind of challenge, but I’ve given it ago! I’m stalling…I need to admit something. I haven’t read anything ALL day. It’s bad. I might try and read a few pages before bed.


Today’s challenge is a classic! Bemused Bookworm has set a challenge to recommend a book, the old ‘If you like this, try this chestnut…’ I’m not very good at this, so thought I’d do a ‘If you like this film, try this book’ example my friend helped me come up with…..

If you like Wimbledon, try The Singles Game…

5 thoughts on “Bout of Books 20: Day 4”

    1. Haha we live crazy lives. My housemate is away this weekend so I’m going to stock up on snacks, get cuddled in and read hard I think.
      Aww thanks. Hope you’re enjoying your reading too!!


  1. Ha, your post was fun. nice update.

    I live in a place where if you don’t have a car it can get miserable fast. Florida, at least in central area, is not walker friendly. We have horrible public transportation available too, very very limited.

    I finally read a decent amount last night but didn’t have the strongest start either. Still fun though, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks 🙂

      I don’t mind the train but when you remember how great the car is you start resenting public transport. That said, our public transport isn’t too bad. I’ve used the public buses in Miami and Orlando and I’ve had better experiences, not gonna lie!

      I’m hoping tonight or tomorrow are going to be big reading nights. Hoping to finish both A Dance with Dragons and A Conjuring of Light before the readathon is over.

      Hope you’re enjoying your reading!


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