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Bout of Books 20: Day 3

If I am honest, I had a bit of a bum reading day yesterday, and only actually finished 40 pages of my book. I’m working a lot of hours right now, which is great for my purse, but not so great for my free time, and therefore my reading time. Today, I’m not on the phone in work as much so I should be able to get some reading done on my break, because I need less of my break to recoup from the calls. Does that make sense? I really don’t know!! I loved yesterday’s, and today’s challenges, I don’t think this would be the same readathon without the awesome challenges that people come up with (I went way way overboard yesterday)


6:30am: It’s tooooooooooo early. It’s way way way to early to be up, showered, and about to leave for the station. I don’t want to, can I refuse? D’you know what, it’s my own fault, but that does not make it any easier to get up. And even more annoyingly, I didn’t have time to caffeinate before I left the house, so I’m going to have to wait until I get to work for coffee. Hopefully A Dance with Dragons Part II will wake me up a little bit!?! I have been super organised though and I’ve already taken some photos of books spine rainbows. Yep, I’m just that into this readathon, and I am not a little bit ashamed.

7:50am: I’m so tired. My head is too heavy and I want to sleep for a week and be all warm and cosy in bed. Alas the aircon is blowing down my neck and I’m at work. I did remember to put my laundry on a timer this morning: yey me! I also realised I actually read 50 pages yesterday: double yey me! I have also read 40 pages on the train to work this morning: triple yey me! Caffeine. I have time for coffee, and coffee makes everything better.

10:50am: I got caffeine. It was much needed. I feel a little alive now. Well, a little more alive. I’ve been reading mor3 synopsis rewrites, love it!

15:00 Erm, I really worried about myself. I’m worried about everything I’ve ever said or done, or will say or do, because I think I am becoming one of those people. Y’know, those people who like…*whispers*…salads. I know. So unexpected. I’ve done no more reading today. I blame the salad.

17:45pm: There are so many beautiful and bold book spine rainbows out there. I’m so pleased that so many people have embraced the challenge!

20:55pm: I could get used to this. I have come home, and my laundry is done (to be fair I set this to be done for my arrival)  and my dinner is ready (a lovely chorizo and chicken risotto that my housemate Emma made. I’ll even forgive the peas – she’d done her best to fish them out for me.) I managed to read about 35 pages on the way home. It was a little less than usual, but let’s be real here – a 12 hr shift is gonna leave you reading a little slower on the way home!

23:10pm: It’s bed time. I’m too exhausted for anything. Of course this is the time for the neighbours to speak at a constant screech level. Urgh.


Today’s challenge is a nice photo opportunity for us all to have a look at our shelves and make some rainbows. I really love the rainbow spine challenge, so I have a taken a few photos this time! I have started with the two collections that make me think of colours and rainbows, that are designed to have all of the colours in them and look great next to each other.

I have also made two rainbows from assorted book spines! Enjoy!

How is your readathon going? Have you read much?

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