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 Bout of Books 20: Day 2

Despite an epically long work day yesterday, I made some really great reading progress, hopefully Day 2 holds more reading successes in store! Day 1 was filled with magic, dragons, and train journey reading for me, but sadly, I missed the twitter chat. As much as I’d loved to have stayed up and interacted with everyone, shifts and sleep just wasn’t on my side! I hope you’re all getting on great, making friends, having fun, and of course, enjoying the books you’re reading. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!

How are you getting on so far? If you haven’t signed up yet, but are still interested, fear not, you can still sign up here until midnight tonight! It’s not too late!


7:10am: I moan about getting up early, because I do thoroughly enjoy a good lie in and despise my alarm clock, BUT I am actually quite good at getting up efficiently, and getting on with my day. I don’t play around with the snooze button, and I don’t risk turning my alarm off and laying back down, I hop straight out of bed. Usually I am up and straight in the shower, but yesterday, Emma (my housemate) was still in the shower when I got up, so I decided to actually stop lazing around (after saying that was all I was going to do) and put the kettle on. It’s amazing what a difference that morning cup of coffee makes! I might try and make this a routine, or a habit.

7:50am: Sitting here thinking about going to work and scrolling through last night’s Twitter chat. I wish I was there there. I’m gonna try so hard to make it for the next one.

9:45am: Guys, I love todays challenge. Like super love it. I’ve posted my first synopsis rewrite below, for Lord of the Rings and think I’m going to do more throughout the day. In other news, I’ve read another 40 pages of A Dance with Dragons Part II on the train to work.

12:30pm: So….I did another challenge, and this time did The Bad Beginning as a rewrite from the point of view of Count Olaf. I like this game. I like this game a lot.

5:10pm: I’m so tired that the words are swimming when I try and read. I’m a little frustrated with everything too, which if I am honest isn’t helping. I’ve tried my best to say positive but it just isn’t working today. Sigh. I’ve settled for doing another synopsis rewrite instead (I love these so much!!) of The Hunger Games. I might do another, not even going to lie.

8:00pm: One hour to go. Just one. I can do this. I can make it through without falling asleep at my desk or running out of fuse or combusting.

22:15pm: I’m home. I’m tired, so naturally I am browsing the internet and doing nothing useful instead of going to bed. I’ve decided not to do anymore synopsis rewrites though because they’re distracting me from doing things in the real world.


Today’s challenge comes courtesy of Gräfin Schlotterstein, and it is an absolute belter!! It’s a synopsis re-write, and I’ve never really done anything like this before, so I’m pretty excited. It’s quite sinple, just rewrite the synopsis of a book from another characters point of view, make it all about them! Don’t forget to tag your synopsis with today’s challenge tag #synopsisrewritebob20.

Not gonna lie, I’ve thought of a few short and sweet ideas, so keep checking back throughout the day for more synopsis rewrites.

Lord of the Rings J R R Tolkien:

Merry and Pippin were simple, fun loving Hobbits who loved nothing more than relaxing days drinking half-pints, and the finest smoking pipeweed the Shire has to offer.

Little did they know, a harmless trip to Farmer Maggots Fields would turn into a magical, and dangerous quest filled with Elves, Ents, and proper pints; an adventure of a lifetime!

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket

As handsome as the most handsome Prince; As brave as the most brave knight; As popular as the most popular celebrity; The best actor the world has ever seen. Count Olaf almost had it all.

Standing in the way of his rightful riches were three orphans: The Baudelaires. Using all his cunning, charm, and a band of his most valued acting troup, Olaf embarks on a quest to claim his fortune.

The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

Effie Trinkett: From her hair to her shoes, Effie’s life was grand and golden, an extravagant lifestyle to match anyone in the Capitol.

The Hunger Games: The event of the year, the spectacle everyone is waiting for is around the corner and once again, Effie rues escorting her poor, unfashionable, and unsuccessful District 12 victors.

Katniss Everdeen: This year things are about to change. This year, one small act by volunteer Katniss will thrust Effie into Escort stardom and will change everything.

9 thoughts on “ Bout of Books 20: Day 2”

  1. First, that’s a lot of work!! You definitely had a full, long day.

    You are so right about the difference coffee makes. I make a morning latte at home in my thermos, bring it to work and sip on it for hours throughout the morning. Helps keep me alert throughout the work day

    I never thought I’d drink decaf, but I’ve started to recently in the evenings. When I get home from work for some reason I crave a latte (find it soothing), but I have a small insomnia issue, so the decaf latte versus the regular coffee in the evening seems to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was a long day. Overtime for holidays 🙂

      Yeah a morning caffeine injection is just everything. I need it so bad. I might have a look at decaf in the evenings though. My sleep has been quite broken lately, and I sometimes fancy a late night mocha, so maybe that is key? Hmmm….


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