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Friday Reads: #TheReadingQuest goes Rogue

Afternoon one and all. It’s Friday, already, have you got that Friday feeling? What is the Friday feeling (I genuinely don’t really get it, maybe it’s because i work some weekends)? How is everyone? I’m back in work full time out of training now, and even though I’m still struggling with the after effects of the crash I feel more like myself. And these readathons (namely Tome Topple, #TheReadingQuest, and Bout of Books) are helping me along. Not being able to drive is annoying, yes, but it means I now sit waiting for and on trains for over an hour a day, so it has opened a nice guaranteed reading time for me to crack on with.

This Week, I’ve finished Tome Topple and have started to read for #TheReadingQuest. I’ve been choosing books that crossed the two readathons, which has been hard as the objective of each don’t coincide so well. But Tome Topple finished as I completed A Dance with Dragons Part I so I’m going to crack on with my THE for the Rogue character challenges. I signed up for #TheReadingQuest here, so please read if you’re interested!

So yes, Rogue (my Rogue TBR os oictured above). Well I decided to start with the hardest character for me first. I’ve read just under half of The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont for the challenge ‘A book with <500 Goodreads ratings’. It was strangely hard to find anything than wasn’t an ARC so when I found this on my shelf I picked it up. So far it’s nothing more than a poor man’s Sherlock Holmes, but it’s alright. I’m also aiming to crack on with A Conjuring of Light. I started it during Tome Topple but haven’t got very far through. It doesn’t count towards #TheReadingQuest as I started it before the readathon began, so I want to enjoy it and get it out of the way as soon as possible. I also plan to start my ‘banned book’ A Clockwork Orange. It’s short, so that’s Good, but it apparently has it’s own language so might not be as easy as I first hoped. 

I have Saturday off this Week, and as it’s Bout of Books next Week (I’ve already signed up here) and it’s now only 2 weeks off from our trip to America, Emma and I plan to go shopping. We need to get stuff for our trip, obviously, and we need to go to Primark and check if any other their large Harry Potter range is in stock. Y’know, priorities. We’ve also got a John Lewis cake and coffee voucher and a 2 for £12 avios voucher that need using, so we’re planning a grand ol’ day out. Emma is also rearranging her room, so we’re going to measure and shift furniture and see if we can jig things around to create a better bedroom layout for her.
I thought I had a light weekend planned, but apparently not! What do you have planned for this weekend? What will you be reading? 

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