Cincinnati: Cincy The Fountain City

So, y’know when you’re visiting some places and you just keep thinking ‘nothing will top this place and then you move on and that’s exactly what happens? Well Cincy has absolutely outdone itself. It has taken what little preconceptions and knowledge I had, torn it up and rewrote it and given me some incredible, once in a lifetime opportunities.

From bottle tapping breweries to beer and underground tours to Bengals VIP tours, Cincinnati packs one hell of a punch.

As always, I’m starting with the hotel.  It seems like we’re carrying on the art deco theming at the Hilton Netherlans Plaza. It’s situated in the iconic Carew Tower and is really central for all main attractions, centres, and stadiums that anyone could need for business or pleasure. The rooms are huge and airy, and as a bonus we got to visit the observation deco on the 49th floor for an amazing overview of the city.

We didn’t stop for long, and sure enough we were off to do some more awesome activities  After a short stop at one of Cincinnati’s famous fountains (The Lady, or Tyler Davidson fountain) we headed out for our underground and historic tour of the famous Over the Rhine district. Craig, our knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic tour guide told us all about the history of the region as the largest urban historic district in the US. He told us about the livelihoods of German immigrants and Irish Catholics, beer consumption, production, and prohibition. He led us along streets, into underground crypts and tunnels, and lastly for some very tasting at a local bottling tap and brewery. Such a fascinating and spectacular tour.

The highlight of Cincinnati was also the hidden gem and and the best kept secret. On the bus on the way in it was revealed we would be going on a VIP tour of the NFL team The Cincinnati Bengals. We got the chance to eat like Bengals in the players cafeteria. We got to try the different beers that were especially for the stadium. We got to stroll through the locker room. We got to walk through the players tunnel and then out ONTO THE PITCH. Yes. Yes you did read that right. I don’t know how to describe how awesome it was to throw a ball on the pitch, to kick through the posts, and generally lark about having a laugh on the turf itself. Unbelievable. Unforgettable.

Wow Cincinnati, that was incredible and (like I’ve said before) I’ll be back for more.

Have you been to Cincinnati, taken in a game at the Paul Brown Stadium, or drank beer in Over the Rhine? Are you Cincy born and bred? What are your favourite Cincy things?

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