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Columbus: The Buckeye Discovery City

Have you ever heard of a place, and have people who you are close to hail from there, and never really knew a whole lot about it or visited before? Well, for me that place is Ohio. I know of it, a little of the sporting and development history, but not really a whole lot about the cities, the energy, and the culture.

Reader, I was blown away. I’ve visited a lot of cities, in fact a lot in the US alone, and Columbus, Ohio is something special. It has that spark, that energy, that feeling that washes over you as soon as you arrive.

Once again, I start with the hotel, because who wouldn’t. Hotel Leveque is situated in the renowned Leveque tower. A historic art deco sky scraper, the building stands tall and proud in the skyline and has since the 1920’s, serving as a beacon in the mid-west for the weary traveller, and for the pioneering pilot (Amelia Earhart) alike. The building has been wonderfully restored and renovated to incorporate the dreams of the architect and the Leveque family alike.

Inside, the celestial visions and art deco time period are wonderfully exemplified in every details, fixture, material, and outfit used or worn within. The look of the hotel is wonderfully niche and glamorous, it is the kind of feel that trendy hipster art deco establishments try for. Yet it is in no way overwhelming, or gawdy. AND a bonus, the celestial theme is incorporated in the turn down service; a small light projects stars, constellations, and meteors on the ceiling for you to enjoy.

So the city. Well, wow. I mentioned earlier it has an energy and vibe that is both indescribable and inescapable. The people epitomize mid-western hospitality, the places reflect local culture, arts, sports, history into every little thing. The North market utilities local produce, local ice cream store Jeni’s maintains a strong presence in the city despite the country wide expansion. The local dreams, be it to own a trendy craft brewery, open an aromatic and passionate spice store in the historic market, or pack in with 114,000 other fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes to watch and support the local college football team, are all realised in a multitude of individual districts.
There are so many lively distinct areas of the city that we barely touched upon. Our progressive dinner and drinking tour, and walking tours, allowed us to get a wonderful glimpse into different neighbourhoods. We got to experience different market, beer and food establishments, historic areas, and recreation zones from Land craft brewery to RockMill Tavern to the Short North Strip to Jeni’s to the North market to the quaint and wonderfully preserved German village to the rejuvenated Scioto Mile riverfront promenade to Columbus zoo.

I have a feeling that this trip is going to improve and improve, making it harder to choose favourite places and stand out memories. That said, Columbus is incredible and I definitely want to go back. In fact, I’d say it comfortably sits in my top 10 US cities, maybe even challenging my top 5. If you ever get a chance, well, check it out for yourself!

Have you ever been to Columbus, Ohio? Are you born and raised? What are you favourite things about the Indie arts Capital?

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