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Bout of Books 19: Day 6/7

This is it guys. It’s the final stretch. The last hurrah. I am starting to really struggle for time in terms of writing and updating posts so I have decided to do a joint weekend post. My travelling week is so crazy that reading time is at a serious premium, so if I do get the chance, I shall update accordingly. I sadly don’t have time to do the Twitter chat (I seriously could cry about this as it’s one of my favourite things about this readathon, but sadly Ohio is capturing my attention and heart to much! I am also bowing out of the day 6 challenge, but would like to say thanks for embracing the challenges I did earlierr this week with such gusto!!

07:15am (Sat): we had a late one last night enjoying a progressive dinner tour of Downtown Columbus, OH so I didn’t do any reading at all (again) last night. I’m struggling to read on the bus too as it activates my travel sickness so I have a feeling that reading is going to slow down significantly over the next week. You just can’t pass up the opportunity to take a morning stroll along the city promenade though!

10:50am: Guys, GUYS! I just fed a giraffe and watched a cheetahs run and watched adorable baby polar bears play fighting each other. 

12:55pm: So we just visited this adorable district of Columbus called the German Village. It’s so wonderfully preserved and maintained and is such a quaint area in the region. AND it had an adorable independently owned bookstore called The Book Loft. I wanted to go in of course, and even more so I wanted to support the local town, so I bought two books. You can take girl away from the books but you can’t take the books away from the girl. It was amazing, I showed such brilliant restraint. You’d all be so proud.

18:30pm: Have I got some things to update you guys on?! So we’re in Cincinnati, and I’m super excited. Firstly, unrelated, Goblet of Fire was released by the library so I’ve managed to download that, so ready is back on the menu. But yes, back to Cincy. On the way in Jen dropped the Bengals bomb – we’re going to a VIP behind the scenes tour at the Bengals NFL stadium (Paul Brown Stadium). We’ve been to the top of Carew tower that’s above our hot3l and looked over the stadium, river and wider city and then we’ve been on a full underground tour of the Over the Rhine district that was fascinating (and meant more beer drinking). 

22:35pm: I don’t know how to put into words the feelings I have right now. I ate dinner in the players cafeteria, I walked through the locker room, through the tunnel and onto the pitch at the Paul Brown Stadium. I caught the ball in the end zone and kicked the ball through the posts. Once in a lifetime.

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