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Bout of Books 19: Day 5

Guys, it’s Friday already. Where does the time go? I’m getting sad and nostalgic already! Today my updates are coming from Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH. Check me out for a multi-city, multi-state, multi-country readathon! I’m hosting today’s challenge today as well, but I sadly don’t have access to my book shelf.


06:40am: There is rest for the wicked you Guys! Late nights and  early mornings are the order of the trip, with lots of sight seeing and culture in between. I’m starting to think I may not have quite as much time to read as I initially thought, not that it is a bad thing, because we’re just doing so much all the time!

12:45pm: As we wave goodbye to the first city, we have a 3hr bus journey to sit back and relax, and hopefully get some reading done. After great progress over the first half of the week, I’ve not read since the flight yesterday! 

17:00pm: The Hotel Leveque packs a punch when you arrive, wow. The the Short wander along the river, the people, and the energy are already making me love Columbus! I couldn’t really read on the bus as it made me feel all bleurgh, so I’ve put Goblet of Fire on hold at the library. When that comes in I should get shifting again. Hopefully it’s soon.

23:45pm: it was a much later finish tonight, and with good reason. I did my first progressive dinner tour (loosely speaking a posh/more civilised bar/food crawl) through lots of the cool districts of the city. It was a night full of getting to know the people I’m with, their backgrounds, and the city itself. A fantastic cultural experience.

As you can tell, I like challenges and suggested a few this year before I knew I was going to be away. Sadly it means I don’t have my personal collection with me. Today’s challenge from moi is to post a picture of some book spines from your shelf that make a rainbow. Everyone loves a good colourful book spine, so now is the time to celebrate them in all their colourful glory.

So, as I said, I’m not at home to do this with my own books, so I chose the book collection that I am currently amassing. I chose to collect these classics (Word Cloud) because of their waxy covers, interesting word cloud front and end pages, but mainly because of the eye catching colours!

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