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Bout of Books: Day 3

So, today is the big day! I fly to the US tomorrow, but I am off to London tonight ready for the early morning get up and flight time. I’m getting super excited now, just trying to stay a bit calm! I’m hoping to get quite a bit of reading done today if I can, but we’ll see how that goes later on!


8:00am: OK, so I am up, I’m about to take Emma to the station, go out with Laura to get some of the last minute things I need, and then I need to pack the hand luggage and last few bits and bobs and I should be ready to go!

12:00pm: OK, I’m ready. I think. I have packed all my stuff, which is the big step, I have my passport and my documents, and of course all of my stuff (including my books!) I haven’t done any reading as of yet, but I will probably listen to Prisoner of Azkaban in the car on the way to meeting Anna. So excited.

14:15pm: So Anna and I are all checked in and sat in Manchester Airport enjoying a light beverage before we board. I love the feeling of being at the airport ready to embark on an adventure. I’ve listened to more Prisoner of Azkaban as expected, so I’m approaching half finished. Woop. I will hopefully have time to get some serious reading done later! How are you getting on?

18:00pm: I don’t fly to the USA with my MegaFam buddies until tomorrow, so I’ve flown to London and have checked into my hotel. I’ve listened to another chunk of Prisoner of Azkaban, it’s getting to the good bits. I wish I owned a Firebolt and could do magic ‘n’ stuff. Oh well. The hotel has a bath so I think I’m going to take full advantage after dinner, relax and soak, read a book, prepare for the transatlantic flight tomorrow…


Today, the challenge as set for us all is to share a shelfie, or pictures of our shelf/bedside table etc, you get the idea. Unfortunately, I’m not at home, but if you pop over to my Instagram I’ve shared the books I’ve brought with me on my trip, as that’s all I can do!!

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