Happy 400th Post-Day To Me!

It does not take a genius to work out the theme of this short but sweet post. Yes, you did guess correctly, this is my 400th post. 400 posts. That seems like an awful lot. Lots of books reviewed, places travelled, rants expressed, readathons completed, and friends made. So, to all of you who read, follow, and maybe even like my blog, thank you!

I’ve learnt a lot since June 2014 when I decided to set this blog up. I’ve learnt a lot about the internet and blogging. I’ve learnt a lot about the fun, painful, interesting, difficult, rewarding things that can come from writing regularly and putting it out there for the world (well a few of you at least). In the least ‘the world is about me’ way, I’ve learnt a lot about myself too.

It’s so easy when participating in social media to worry about the numbers. How many people follow you? How many people like what you do? How many comment on the things that you write? What will make me more popular? I’d be lying if I said that these things don’t cross my mind regularly across all of my social media platforms, most notably my blog, and I think if you were honest with yourself Reader, you probably think that too. Well, the big thing I’ve learnt is: Do things for myself, and not for you!

Don’t get me wrong, I am ever thankful that so many people read and engage with my blog. It gives me a deep sense of personal pride and satisfaction when people read and like what I do. But more so, it makes me feel better writing things that are true to me. Not only does this make me happier, it’s a better reflection of me, and is more natural for me to write (I know, who’d have thunk it!!). Putting more personal effort in allows me to get more personal satisfaction out of it!

Another thing I’ve learnt is making friends on the internet makes you more inclined to use it, and use it right. Yes, this is all stating the obvious, but engaging with others and what they do/like, and having them do the same in return is what it is all about. How is took me so long to realise this I don’t know, but I’ve realised it now.

It also gives you ideas for your own life. Over the last 400 posts, I have changed a lot. I have been lived in Lancaster and graduated from University. I have lived in Thailand teaching English to young school children. I have literally travelled the world, from Australia, to Africa to America to Asia, and realised that the passion I have for travel would be the most logical thing to pursue for a career. I’ve found a job and company that I like working for, am good working for, and can get something back from; a rare thing in this modern world.

I’ve also battled personal issues. I constantly think about my weight and how it fluctuates. I put weight on before travelling, lost a lot while I did and seemed to have reloaded it back on. I’ve battled fitness issues and injury. I’m battling the changing needs that Parkinson’s and Alzheimers bring to our loved ones. I am balancing the need to grow up with the want to stay young. I’m thinking about the needs of my future and the want to spend and enjoy myself now. I’ve discovered ways to help myself (be it bullet journals, reading, health plans, whatever…) which in turn, helps more than just me.

I don’t quite know what this post actually represents, in the same way I don’t know what my blog does. What I do know is that this blog helps me, I enjoy it, and I plan to keep it going long into the future!

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