Adulting: Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Until recently, I always had long hair. Not passed my bum long, but always beyond my shoulders and long enough to tie back/braid, and generally do stuff with. I travelled the world, slung it back off my face, and never thought much about it. It just always was, well, long. I thought about cutting it super short regularly during my time at University, and my time travelling, but it never seemed practical. When I returned home, ready to launch into real working life, I went in for the chop and cut my lovely red waist length hair into a pixie crop.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, so, before I launch into this little post/rant, I would like to make a little disclaimer first. I read all of the posts I could find, I asked for advice, I watched videos and tutorials, and I still don’t feel like I understood what this period was going to be like.

First things first, I love my short hair. I really, really do. I have received a multitude of compliments about it, and it does look good. I prefer it when it is a super short pixie cut to being nearer bob length, but it has been received well by pretty much everyone who has seen it. Yes, there is less you can do with short hair, but there are lots of funky options, and it takes a lot less time to deal with (whether it’s washing it, drying it, brushing it….anything).

I also loved long hair. It fell pretty much straight with little effort, it always tied back and went into nice braids and up dos. Yes, it didn’t curl well or easily. I loved the simplicity of being able to chuck it up for the gym, or if I wasn’t feeling it down, or was fed up of it over my face. I just wanted a change.

So, to the point of this post: The Growing Out Phase.  I thought this would be fine. I thought I had done all the research I needed to and made and informed and rational decision when I got my hair cut short. I knew what everyone else said, I knew how it made them feel, and I decided that it would be fine for me if I ever came to grow my pixie cut out. Pfft, was I wrong?!

I don’t know whether it was pig-headedness, a belief I knew better, or just that I could cope with this in a more adult way, but I hate it. My Hair is currently at a very bizarre stage. I have passed the Stephen Gately 1990’s curtains, I am entering the not quite bob not quite mullet phase with speed, and seem to be stuck constantly stuck in a ‘hi this is your growing out fringe and I am going to flop over your face at all the most annoying points of your day” phase.

It’s annoying all the time. It annoys me when it dries and takes forever instead of 3 minutes. It annoys me when it randomly flicks in one direction by my ears and at the top of my neck. It annoys me when my fringe is always in my eyes no matter what I do. It annoys me that my fringe is never quite long enough to tuck behind my ears and keep from my face. It annoys me that it flops in every annoying direction when I am at the gym, but isn’t long enough to tie or clip up and stop it happening.

The worst bit is that it keeps getting worse. I know that there is always an annoying period with any change, but it just doesn’t get any better. I read all about tricks and tips to get through this horrendous barrier, but I am already wishing I could just shave it all off. I don’t have the time or the inclination to learn how to do fancy things with it.

So yes, the point. Well, I don’t really have one. I just wanted to rant about how unpleasant it is to grow your hair out and tell you, no matter how much you look into it, well, it’s worse than that!

6 thoughts on “Adulting: Growing Out a Pixie Cut”

  1. I’ve never tried to grow back my hair since cutting it short. I’m rather glad I haven’t!! May I suggest a very comfy hat that you can just keep on 24/7? Lol


    1. I started to dream of braiding it, well more accurately of Chris Pratt braiding it, so I thought now is the time.
      I am starting to look at the hat I knitted and thinking that might be the way to go, but of course the weather is getting warmer now….

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  2. I’m going through this struggle right now! It’s my third try (I’ve lost patience in the past and chopped it all off again), and it’s driving me bonkers. Good luck to you!

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