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Friday Reads: Thank God It’s Friday

Ahhh, That Friday Feeling. I know everyone talks about it, but I feel like I haven’t felt it, in, well, a long while. I have the whole weekend off for the first time (holiday aside) since January. I say off, I have work things to do, housework, building furniture, and of course, it is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so I will be celebrating that with the family. Emma and I have also made grand plans to both read and blog, it’s nice to be able to set a block aside for that sort of thing.

As I write this, I have just completed The Penultimate Peril, which means that this weekend I will start, and hopefully finish, The End – the final book in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I have really enjoyed re-reading them, they are so different reading them as an adult vs reading them as a child.

I am still plodding on with both His Bloody Project and The Good Liar. I am enjoying both of them a lot when I actually read them, but there is something that just doesn’t make them pop for me. I love the content and ideas, but neither were as easy to read as I hoped. I am (fingers crossed) hoping that a good block to just sit and read a chunk of each will help hugely.

I am still supposedly reading A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold and listening to/reading Great Expectations, and I think it is probably time that I read little of both to keep me up to date with both. I am absolutely determined to keep reading these, but I am perilously close to the point where I will have to abandon all hope and relegate them to my ”DNF” list.

Emma and I have some plans to build little bits and bobs of furniture and do lots of little tasks around the house. That is the big aim for tomorrow. To prepare for the day, we’re preemptively treating ourselves to breakfast at the local Dobbie’s garden centre and doing a spot of shopping.

So, that’s my fun filled weekend, what do you have planned. What are you planning to read this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Thank God It’s Friday”

  1. Haha I hope it goes well! I’m plonking myself down in front of the tv for the start of the formula one season…..and going to Sunday lunch for mums day lol


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