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Book Haul #1

haulstakcI saw the lovely Emma had posted a book haul post, which made me think of all the books that I have ‘acquired’ since Christmas. Now, I am not including the books that I received on Christmas, just the ones bought since Christmas Day. I am supposed to be on a book buying limit, but, erm, well, that isn’t going so well. In my defence though, I am reading at a higher rate than I pretty much ever have before, so y’know. I am addicted to books, to buying, owning, and reading them, so it will come as no surprise that I have bought as many as I have, and as you can see (by numbering this post haul #1) I am pretty sure the spending spree on books will most likely continue.

On with the books and the pretty pictures:

yellowbastardSin City Vol #4: The Yellow Bastard Frank Miller

I finally gave in and read these graphic novels, which of course meant that I had to go out and by the fourth one immediately once I had finished the first 3 that I already owned. It so happened that on the day I went to purchase this it was on offer, so it was practically a must by, and then it fell into my basket and through the letter box.

familyvaluesSin City Vol #5: Family Values Frank Miller

Well, once I read the fourth I had to acquire the fifth. This was actually the first book I ever bought through Book Depository, but I needed a new bookmark, so I gave it a go, and was very impressed. Not only did I get to read this the same night it arrived, but I got an awesome colour-in character book mark, what more could you want?

nomadNomad James Swallow

I heard a friend reading this say that it was a really good thriller, and there is a sticker on the fron saying ‘If you liked I Am Pilgrim then read this’. Now, I haven’t actually read I Am Pilgrim but it sounds like a book I would like, so I got this to read on my holiday with Mum later this month. Everyone needs a good holiday read!

brokenpromiseBroken Promise Linwood Barclay

This is one of my two noble acquirements this month. I actually got this in a book donation and exchange library in the local shopping centre by work. I dropped a couple of old books off that I no longer wanted and made a small donation to a good cause, so overall, it was a nice thing to do, and of course, a good yarn to pick up to read later in the year.

thesecretThe Secret Deric Henderson

A little like the previous book on this haul, I picked this up a the exchange and donation library in the local centre to read later on. I haven’t picked it up yet since it went on my shelf, but I am thinking it will be the ideal book to leave in my box at work to read on breaks and lunches!

boystripedpjsThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas John Boyne

I really ‘enjoyed’ this book when I first read it (I saw enjoyed, it is a heavy topic, and well written, but hardly enjoyable per se) and have wanted a copy for a while. Emma and I were in the Waterstones in the Trafford Centre in January and there was a damaged book sale in store, so we both perused the shelves, and I found this. It has no obvious flaws that warranted the heavy discount, so I snapped up the bargain for my shelf.

harrypotterillustratedHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Illustrated edition) J K Rwoling

I am not entirely sure that this really needs an explanation, does it? I have wanted this since it came out, and after a lot of asking and begging on wish lists, I eventually ended up purchasing it with money that I got for Christmas. Money very well spent I say!

lovestoriesLove Stories Everyman’s Pocket Classics

I am a member of the Willoughby Book Club (click here for more info) and have a classic book subscription with them. Based on the information I provided, they send out a new book at the beginning of the month, and I eagerly await the arrival to open it and see what arrives. January’s book was a particularly attractive hard back copy of Love Stories. It is not something I would have ever picked up myself, but is something I am going to read later in the year towards some of the reading challenges I have ambitiously started!

wildsargassoseaWild Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys

February’s offering from the Willoughby Book Club was a nice paperback copy of Wild Sargasso Sea. Unfortunately I don’t own, and haven’t read, Jane Eyre, so upon Emma’s advice I am going to procure a copy of that and read it first before tackling this.

alicewonderlanAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll

This is my latest Word Cloud classic purchase, and was once again bought through Book Depository so I have enough bookmarks to keep up with the multitude of books I am currently simultaneously reading. I have a small obsession with these editions, and I am slowly amassing quite the collection. The waxy covers, unique covers, and awesome end pages pile together to make a lovely collection, and as this is something I have high on my TBR, I thought it was about time to give in and purchase another word cloud for the collection.

What books have you hauled so far this year?

Do you have any of the books I have recently acquired?

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