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Friday Reads: TBR Takedown

I have had a week that has actually, for once, been fairly productive. It has been a fair while since I have had back to back days off where sleeping and recovery was not the main focus, and so I have tried to utilise them (semi) wisely. I have been to the gym twice, and actually quite enjoyed it both times (I know, shocking). I have done a bit of tidying and cleaning around the house (including putting the Christmas decorations away away, and 3 sets of laundry) and have finally felt like I am getting a hang of this bullet journal thing.

This week is also TBR Takedown. It is a readathon that I decided to take part in last minute, and had fairly grand ambitions for (see my TBR post here). The five challenges (pictured below) set by the readathon hosts really did make me think a little about what I was going to commit to reading, but also, what I am in the groove of reading at the moment and was likely to continue with over the week long readathon.


And y’know what, so far I have done pretty well. I’ve finished Live and Let Die, Sin City vol #3 and vol #4, and The Slippery Slope. In addition to this, I have started reading The Invisible Library. and luckily, these have fulfilled all of the challenges (even if it means a little cross over!)

I am in work this weekend, on lates (sigh, groan!). I am going to ambitiously take my books with me to work, like I always do, in the hope that I will get through some more pages. I am only 3 books away from finishing A Series of Unfortunate Events again, so I am going to get through these as quick as I can so I can move on to different books.

As much as I have loved re-reading these children’s book, and also dabbling into the world of graphic novels, I am ready to tackle a more meatier, and just more adult book. Yes, I am still technically reading A Storm of Swords: Part 2, and I am desperately still trying to make progress with Great Expectations, but if I am honest, I am struggling with both and could do with something for when I am not attempting to finish these.

A complete side note, but, Goodreads introduced something wonderful this week. Goodreads have finally implemented an update that allows for re-reading to be registered and recognised. No more choosing weird editions, we can just read and re-read to our hearts content and it will pick that us. Now, if they could just introduce half stars, they would be hitting perfection….

How is your readathon going? What are you going to be reading this weekend?

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