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T5W: Book Trends I’m Tired Of

118368Today is my first day off in a week, and it is also only the 3rd time in two months I have two days off back-to-back, which is a ridiculously pleasant thing! I haven’t done a Top 5 Wednesday in a while, and as I didn’t do yesterdays Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I would check out the topic this week, and, well, I liked it. So, here we go!

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This week, the topic is book trends you’re tired of. Usually, the topics lean towards the positive, but once in a while, it is nice to have a moan/rant about books or genres that you have grown tired of.

  1. Female-lead dystopian YA: I feel like this genre revolutionised the whole YA field, but it is past it’s best; it’s been and gone. Yes, The Hunger Games was enjoyable, and since then there has been things like Divergent and Matched and many more I have never heard of. I liked the idea of strong female characters, and I liked the dystopian themes, but it has just been over-kill.
  2. Vampires: A little like the previous group, I feel like this genre peaked a few years ago, when the likes of Twilight, Vampire Academy, and The Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) came out, but once again, the ideas have all been done to death and lack originality or interest.
  3. Romantic Erotica: Many of us, whether you want to admit it or not, have read the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey and The Crossfire series. I feel like you can’t walk passed the book section in ASDA, or into Waterstones without seeing a plethora of this sort of book. The little peak it had (I use the term for sales rather than quality) has seen the book markets flooded with utter rubbish.
  4. Dan Brown rip-off: OK, so I am hugely guilty of liking Dan Brown’s novels, and of also reading many ‘same same, but different’ novels by the likes of Sam Bourne and James Twining, but the time for these has been and gone. Dan Brown is still releasing, and I will still read his stuff, but I feel like books in this genre that are continuing to be published, like the choices before, lack quality and originality.
  5. Forced LGBTQ* Romance: OK, disclaimer, I have no issue with reading LGBTQ* themed books, I have no issue with LGBTQ* authors, especially if the content of the stories is good. I have an issue with authors forcing this into their novel to fill a quota or ideal for the sake of it, like to tick a box or something, and it being poorly executed or written. Does that make sense? I hope it does. I feel like this is becoming a thing, and I am already tired of it. If you connect with it, write it, if you’re doing it to appear on a list or fill a quota, don’t write about it because you will not do it justice!

So there we go. What do you think? What trends and themes are you tired of?

2 thoughts on “T5W: Book Trends I’m Tired Of”

  1. I’m with you on the first one. Having more female leads is great, but as someone who actually prefers books with male leads, I’m happy this is fading a bit. It’s actually starting to be possible to pick up a ya book and it not have a strong female lead again now.

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    1. I just want, whatever it is that I read, to be good, and genuine. I feel with YA especially, trends mean that when authors write they kind of have a check list which they try and complete, rather than writing what they know or are passionate about.

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