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TBR Takedown 5.0: TBR

Another week, another readathon. Another new readathon in fact! This time, I am tackling the TBR Takedown, a new readathon on my list, on that the lovely Emma told me about. It is a low-key readathon held by Shannon from leaninglights (her YouTube & Twitter) and this round, TBR Takedown 5.0, will start at midnight on Monday 6th February and run through until 11:59pm on Sunday 12th. Yes, it may be low-key, but there are a couple of challenges to help you on your way, and prioritise your reading, so I’m going to try and incorporate my reading!

For more information, or to read/tweet along once it gets started, see the readathon Twitter.

I had a very successful month of January in terms of books, and read a decent amount. I have still managed to read something everyday this year, which I am keen to keep up, and have continued to read a variety of generics and mediums, which has helped immensely. I am hoping this readathon will give me the boost I need to keep going with the reading rate, and to make sure I do keep expanding the book genres I am reading.


OK, so the challenges. They are relatively simple, and easy to bend to the books I am reading. I am not 100% sure that the books on the list now will be the books I am still reading at the end of the week, but I have at least got something for each one!

  1. TBR shelf for over a year – Live and Let Die/Great Expectations: I have been reading this for the past week or so, and I am about half way through. I would really like to finish it, as it is the second in the series and the box-set has been on my TBR shelf for over 5 years. As for the second, I recently got a word cloud edition for Christmas, so have decided to give it another go after trying a couple of year ago. I’ve stalled a little, hopefully the readathon will give me a kick start!
  2. Most recent book haul – Sin City Vol. 4: The Yellow Bastard/Sin City Vol 5: Family Values: I was bought the first three graphic novels over a year ago as a birthday present, and had put off reading them because I didn’t have the full set. I couldn’t hold out any longer, so panic ordered, and now, well, thank heavens for Amazon Prime.
  3. First book in a series – The Invisible Library: I found this in a local charity shop and decided to buy it because the spine was gold and shiny, and had the word library one it. I have since seen good reviews, so why not read it now?
  4. Catch up on a series – The Slippery Slope/The Grim Grotto/The Penultimate Peril/The End: I have been reading these since the beginning of the year so that I could catch up on the stories ahead of the Netflix show airing.
  5. Out of your comfort zone – Saga Vol. 1: Emma likes these, and as I have never really strayed out of the DC/Marvel superhero, or Sin City, world when reading them, I thought it was a good chance to give something a little go.

My plan this week is to get on top of things in the house, at work, and in general, so I may not be posting daily updates on here. If you want to keep up to date, please follow my twitter and goodreads where I will be posting regular updates.

Are you taking part in TBR Takedown? If you are, I’d love to hear from you below?

What are you currently reading?

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