Adulting: Commuting

I have been working at Avios for approaching 18 months now, and it has so far been a great success. I enjoy my job, the field I work in, and I love the people I work with. The only downside, if any, is the distance between my home and my workplace. When I moved into my place, I knew how far it was away, and chose a place that had good access to my job, and yes, I chose to live in Liverpool rather than an area closer to my workplace, but that doesn’t remove the inevitable 50 mile round trip I do every day I go to work.

The world of commuting is fairly new to me. I was always a small walk/bus/car journey from school, and then the jobs I have had in ,y later life have always been reasonably close to where I live, with the furthest away only being a proper commute due to heavy football traffic. When I was in training for this job, I got the train to and from work, at peak time. Birchwood train station is on the mainline between Liverpool and Manchester, so it was always busy both ways, and while I didn’t mind, it was the first proper insight into how commuting could be.

I didn’t mind getting the train too much. I got some reading done, and was walking either end a bit more than I would have done, but it was becoming a strain on my parents to collect and drop me at the station, and once I left training, the 6am starts were impossible with trains and left me completely reliant on my parents to get me too and from work.

Getting a car, and later my house, gave me complete freedom once again. Yes, traffic around Warrington, and on the M62, can very often be absolutely horrendous (mind blowingly bad, seriously). Yes, cars are not cheap to buy, run, or insure, but it has given me the ability to get too and from work (and help Emma get to and from work sometimes) where this was not previously possible.

Commuting has given me the opportunity to listen to a lot more music. Well, I say a lot more, I listen to a lot of the same stuff, but as a person who doesn’t listen to a lot of music, this has been nice. It has also allowed me to begin the long task of learning all the words to the musical Hamilton.

I don’t love commuting, I doubt many people do, but it has given me a space to do some thinking, and to try and utilise the time for other things.  I try my best to pre-plan blog posts, shopping trips, to do lists, weekend plans, so that when I get to work, I can get straight on with it, and when I get home, I can have free time or get on with the tasks I need to do (in theory). I try to fill the time with useful things, which Emma has hugely helped me with after introducing me to the world of Library Audio books. I’m less than savvy with technology, so this introduction has freed up the hour per day I spend commuting for reading as well as other things, and has improved the commute immeasurably.

Commuting is a weird thing i’d heard people discussing. I never really thought about having a job with a commute, it just wasn’t something I was hugely aware of (even though my Dad did the same journey throughout my life) and I never considered doing. That said, I don’t want to work anywhere else, or live in any other city, so it is now a necessary evil in my life, so making the most of the lost time in the car is imperative.

The things we do to adult, eh?

4 thoughts on “Adulting: Commuting”

  1. In a really weird way, I actually like having a commute as it’s a 40-min ish journey either way when all is said and done and it forces to me to think about ways to use that “dead time”. Listening to audiobooks or music in that time seems like a no brainer to me, and it means you definitely read/listen every work day. A friend from school works literally round the corner from her house and she doesn’t have a commute. She has more time to read, sure, because she gets home from work sooner, but I don’t think she actually reads any more books than she would because once she gets home from work she just wants to turn off completely. That’s a completely understandable feeling imo so that’s why in a weird way I actually enjoy my commute. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I obv prefer it when you’re kind enough to give me a lift… and we can blast out some Hamilton. 😛

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    1. Haha, that shared Hamilton commute is pretty awesome, it does make that car journey better 🙂
      I ma pleased that someone else gets using that commute dead time, and that internal debate as to whether you like it or not…it’s a weird one. I’m just glad I now have something to do whilst commuting though tbh!


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