24 in 48 Readathon: Wrap

24in48The idea of the 24 in 48 readathon is simple and awesome. I love the idea, and one weekend it will fall when I am able to complete it. Unfortunately, this weekend was not it. I was in work, which is naturally removing vast amounts of reading time. I am tired from the copious amounts of overtime I am doing, and I was generally weary. I needed some time to just, well, do nothing, y’know?

In my head, I am throwing words like failure, shameful, and embarrassing about readily to describe my performance during this readathon. I don’t like to do things like this halfheartedly, but there was literally no other choice. Yes, you’re right, I probably shouldn’t have taken on such a huge talent when I was in a work hole, but hey, I just did OK.

That said, I did still read for around 8 hours. OK, so it isn’t the 24hr I was aiming for, but, hey, that’s not bad. I did manage to finish a couple of books over the weekend:

  • The Counsellor Cormac McCarthy
  • The Austere Academy Lemony Snicket
  • Sin City Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye Frank Miller

And over the weekend, I started The Ersatz Elevator (which I have since i finished) and made more progress with Noughts and Crosses.

So yeah, it wasn’t a total waste, but I am disappointed in myself, which is not a great place to be when assessing your own performance. Next time, I need to kick it up a gear, and hopefully, have the weekend off when it comes to taking part!

How did you weekend go? Did you take part in 24 in 48 too?

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