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Bout of Books 18: Day 7

bob-expert06I hate this day, the day when Bout of Books comes to an end and I feel a little bit lost. Because I will miss the daily posts, the structured reading, the challenges, the twitter chats, and of course all the lovely bout of bookers who join in. Sigh, at least the FA Cup continues today. At least I have things to do and Sherlock is on again tonight. What am I going to do without Taboo and Sherlock to look forward to at the weekend?


09:52am: I really should get up. Emma and I have big plans for the day and they do not involve me lying in bed and doing nothing. I really should just get up, make my bed, get in the shower, and get read to do stuff. But that requires effort, and who likes effort when lying in a warm comfy bed is a solid alternative?

11:58am: I got up. I did quite well to just suddenly kick into gear. We’ve done, and put away, a mega shop with next to no frivolous spending. And I put the laundry on. I actually thought ahead and put the laundry on a long wash before we went out so it will be done in the early afternoon when i have finished a coffee. I also washed up the dishes as there is no way Emma and I are going to want to do it tomorrow as we both have nightmareish days at work for differing reasons! This adulting thing is getting a little easier.

scramble14:30pm: I made a super healthy lunch today of bacon, onion, pepper, tomato scrambler on brown toast, and even though it looks a little bit (a lot) like sick, it tasted really good, and felt like it was really good for me. I like having lots of food in. I am also watching the football. The family are at the game (I think) and have a log in for BT sport so I am taking full advantage to (hopefully) watch Liverpool win. That said, the first half was the most one-sided game I have ever seen where pretty much nothing happened!! I think I am going to watch the second half on mute, and maybe try and get a little bit of reading or bullet journalling done. The laundry is all drying thanks to a half time drying session. I’m getting the hang of this adult multi-tasking!

17:31pm: So Mum called, well texted because it was me that rang her straight after, and I completely forgot that I am going to see Rogue One (again) with her tonight. So that is something to look forward to after the shambolic game of football I watched this afternoon. I have done a little more though, I have tidied and sorted things in my room, and so I am going to cross that off the list, and I read 21 pages of Rebecca and listened to 33 pages of The Valley of Fear while I was tidying and looking for my keys, so yet another two challenges crossed off my list. Now to try and make hunter’s chicken….

23:01pm: Well, Rogue One held up on the second viewing, even if my Mum wasn’t blown away from it. I’ve finished Part I of The Valley of Fear, which seems like a really good place to leave that book ready for the car rides tomorrow. If I have an easy place to pick it up it makes listening to it on different devices more manageable. I’m taking Rebecca upstairs with me, I might read a little bit of it before I go to bed, we shall see.


Just like yesterday, there are no official Bout of Books challenges, so I am going to set my own for the day, and once done, cross them through! Any challenges I didn’t finish yesterday I am also migrating over!

Bullet journal: I want to be completely up to date with January and complete the TV Series and Around the World in 52 books challenge trackers.

House: I want to do the big food shop, I need to put the extra set of laundry I found on to wash, I need to finish tidying my bedroom, and I need to make another large effort to find my keys.

Blog: I want to read 50 pages, I want to Instagram a wrap picture, I want to schedule a Bout of Books Wrap post for tomorrow!


Books read: Rebecca; The Valley of Fear

Pages read: 75 pages

Feelings: I’m so sad it’s over…so sad.


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