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Bout of Books 18: Day 5

bob-expert06I’m getting that Friday feeling. I have nothing major planned for the weekend except lounging around, a cinema trip, and a Tavern breakfast, and it is glorious to think of doing so little. Well, not little, reading, watching, and bullet journalling. Just a 10hr shift before then. Not too bad….?! Oh wait, the gym after…


4:58pm: It’s freezing. Like perishing, It’s dark. The last thing I want to do is have the de-ice the car waiting for the heaters to activate, knowing that I am driving to work for a 10hr shift. Mind you, I have the weekend off this week so I shouldn’t moan too much. Let’s just hope that no one calls and I can get reading, I have an array of books with me so I can choose what to read next while I am in work, give me something to look forward too!

9:15am: I am almost done with my second book of Bout of Books 18 Crooked Kingdom and I think the fact I am so hooked, engrossed, in love with this book is the only reason I am still awake. Work is quiet and I am suffering from burning the candles at both ends (that’s the saying right?) Nearly there though. Got through a bit more if The Valley of Fear audio book on the way to work as well. Simon Prebble was put on this earth to read Sherlock Holmes.

11:48am: Soooo…I’m tired and that is why my hand slipped on the overtime button. Slipped enough to make me some good money. By doing approximately 40 hours overtime. See this is what happens when I finish a book but I’m barely awake enough to start a new one. Rebecca is the new one though, and I am excited about it. It’s one of Emma’s favourite books, and while there is no pressure, there is pressure. If that makes sense??

16:10pm: Emma and I are gyming when we get there and I am super regretting this now because i am tired, ratty, and I forgot my headphones so I can’t even listen to my audiobook while I suffer. Tsk, idiot Liz, idiot.

19:30pm: Is it bed time yet? No, Oh. Police Interceptors then Only Connect then, that sounds like a good night in. I really should start on my bullet journal with something more permanent than post-its. You know, like a pen?!

23:52pm: Hahahahaha so much for the early night. I got a second wind and started my journal. I need pens folks, because all the colours I usually use are dry and used up. Dang. Oh well, that’s progress, and we went to the gym, and I read, and I signed up for overtime, and we’re Tavern-ing for a pre-twitter chat breakfast tomorrow, so life is gooooood.


Today’s challenge is the classic ‘If you like this, try this…’ and I have tried to steer clear of my usual ”If you like The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, then try The Double Eagle” and have strayed into a much newer territory.

So, if you like heists and cons, excitement and adventure, and loved Ocean’s Eleven and fantasy novels, then try Six of Crows!


Books read: Crooked Kingdom; The Valley of Fear; Rebecca

Pages Read: 158

Books Finished: Crooked Kingdom

Feelings: TGIF. Bring on the weekend.

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