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Friday Reads: Spooooooooky

The nights are drawing in, the clocks go back this weekend, and spooky Halloween activities are in full swing. From next week everywhere will have their full Christmas displays on show, it gets close to my birthday and Thanksgiving, and this year we have the hotly debated and fiercely contested US election results. I can’t believe it’s that late in the year already.

As another Friday comes and goes, I am back to being on my own for the weekend as Emma is going back to Thornaby to visit her family. It’s going to be a little odd to go back to pottering round the house on my own for the weekend. I’m in work on both weekend days, but the time spent in between shifts is going to be spent sorting the house out, reading, and Nano Prep.

I’m almost finished reading Dracula. It’s pretty much the perfect time to have read this book, considering the darkening nights, and the spooky events around Halloween. I’ve absolutely loved it, and have less than 30mins of the audiobook left, so will definitely be finishing that over the weekend. I may have fallen a little short of my Victober goals, but the books I have read and completed have been really enjoyable. I would go as far as to say Dracula has become one of my favourite books.

Last weekend was the 24hr readathon. The event forced me to read in high quantities, which enabled me to read A Storm of Swords with renewed reason. I shifted through 60 pages last week, so I am looking to pick up where I left off (I conveniently left myself on a Daenerys chapter!) I would really like to finish this so that i know I only have the two last titles to complete. I failed in the attempt to keep up with fellow #readASOIAF friends, but I have impressed myself with the sticking power I have had through the tougher reading times.

My weekend is also going to be filled with all things Kaz Brekker and Crooked Kingdom. Emma was a big advocate of the first book Six of Crows, which I devoured in under a week, so I am going to hopefully enjoy the book she finished during the 24hr readathon. The books are fast paced and addictive, so I’m sure I’ll read a lot of it over the weekend.

The only other task I have these weekend is Nano prep. Over the weekend I will be blogging my NanoWriMo commitment post, and I have done no official, and very little informal prep work for the month. Writing 50,000 words is really hard work which I’m woefully under prepared for, so anything I do this weekend will be a huge help.

What do you have planned for this weekend? What will you be reading?

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