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T5W: Spooky Literary Settings

118368It’s Halloween season, the spooky characters of the world are coming out from their coffins and caves, and the pumpkins are at the door of the supermarkets. It’s a good time.

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With Halloween fast approaching, everything in life suddenly becomes scaresome and themed. The supermarkets brand sweets and pumpkins, work cover the place in fake cobwebs and scary bin bags, and of course there are the parties, the costumes, the movies, the Strictly Come Dancing specials. and most importantly, the pumpkin carving. I love carving pumpkins. My team at work went with a Cheshire Cat design, and it rocked. It’s made me think about what I would like to do on my pumpkin at home….decisions, decisions.

Annnnnnd onto this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, again the Halloween theme has struck. This week, the T5W topic is spooky literary settings, ones that incite fear, appear spooky, and otherwise are creepy as hell. I’ve opted for places in books that I remember reading about and thinking, yeahhhhhhh I really don’t like the sound of that place.

And my T5W for this week:

  1. The Forbidden Forest Harry Potter: I think this one is quite self explanatory. The name, Aragog and his family, and all the creepy magic creatures make this place incredibly unappealing.
  2. Castle Dracula Dracula: I’m reading Dracula at the moment, so maybe it is a little influenced by that, but Castle Dracula, especially as he creeps down the wall while Jonathan Harker looks on is very spooky and scary.
  3. The Chokey Matilda: I think every school child fears their teacher may have a chokey to lock you in rather than put you in detention. I think I’d rather cut some of my pinky off.
  4. The Miserable Mill and The Vile Village A Series of Unfortunate Events: I can’t explain why I find these creepy, or spooky, but I can remember that these are the two books I found most spooky.
  5. Torech Ungol and The Mines of Moria Lord of the Rings: There are many creepy, spooky, weird, crazy, and scary places in the Lord of the Rings books, but Shelob’s lair with the webs, and winding tunnels, and Shelob is horrible, and as Emma so simply put on the car-ride home today : you have to find somewhere creepy that even the goblins are scared of.

Which book locations and settings do you find most spooky and scary?

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