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Friday Reads: Audiobook #Victober

It’s official, I have given up on #readASOIAF for the foreseeable future. I absolutely plan to go back and finish them, but reading A Storm of Swords was sapping the enjoyment I get from reading, and preventing me picking up any other novels. So for now, it is nowhere to be seen on my bedside table. As much as I am sad about this, it had to be done.

This week has passed at a scary pace. Emma and I have kept Ikea in business, and successfully built a large amount of flatpack, I have started to tidy downstairs, we’ve both been at work, I’ve rejoined my old hockey team, we’ve done a lot. Maybe this has made the week go quickly, or maybe time this week really did just speed up, but either way, I feel like I’ve lost a few days.

The good news is that I have managed to progress in my reading exploits, mainly in my attempt to complete some tasks for #Victober. Last weekend, I read half of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the story and the idea (which I knew I would from TV adaptations I have seen) and enjoyed finally reading one of my word cloud classics. It spurred me on to reading some of Villette the following week. I say reading, listening would be more accurate.

Yes, that’s right, I have rediscovered audiobooks. I used to listen to Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry when I was a lot younger, but never really ventured past this much. Emma has taken to commuting on busy trains between Liverpool and Warrington impressively well, and has reintroduced the idea of audiobooks to make commuting pass quicker. Somehow, it had never occurred to me to find a way to listen to books in the dead hours I drive to and from work. I spend 30mins per direction driving to work, and have suddenly realised this is lost and wasted time.

Emma told me all about the local library audiobook app and loaning system, and I can already tell this is going to revolutionise my ability to read books and to shift through things I am struggling to physically read. Today alone I have read two thirds of The Sign of Four, and while it is not something I would ever struggle to read, I don’t think I would have ever been able to sit and get through so much reading an actual copy of the book. It also allowed me to move about and actually start tidying the house.

So this weekend I plan to continue with my reading exploits as much as I can. I hope to finish The Sign of Four at some point this weekend, which I think is likely to happen. If I finish this, I plan to start Dracula which I am sure I will read at some point over the coming days left in October as it is one of my #Victober reads. I would also like to make further progress with Villette. I am really not sure what is going on, but I would like to carry on.

Speaking of things I didn’t fully understand, I have been very cultured today as I went to see a performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona today with Emma (whose review of the Oxford University performance can be read here.) I had literally no idea of what happened, to point that Emma had to explain the plot and who everyone was during the interval, and she had to tell me that the reason everyone was bowing was because it had ended and that it wasn’t included in the show. I didn’t understand it, but I did enjoy it immensely.

What are you reading this weekend?

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