T5W: Unrelated Book Covers

118368I’m starting to get out of the habit of preparing and writing posts with any form of planning, or before the last second of the day. It’s a shame, but at least I am keeping up with things, eh?

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This week’s theme is unrelated book covers, and is based around the cover of books being completely unrelated to the content within the pages. Most book covers have something related on the cover to entice you, and advertise the content of the books, so it is quite difficult to think of book covers that you don’t associate with the book. Here we go:

To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee

This is probably as much the title is unrelated as the cover, simply because the cover is related to the title, but it is a classic example of the outside not reflecting the inside.


Crash J G Ballard

This book does not tell you how horrifically scarring the inside of this book are. It should have a big warning sign on saying once read forever scarred, but as you can see, it really doesn’t.


World War Z Max Brooks

OK, so this does have a big Z on it, and it has some blood, but I really don’t think it actually tells you what the book is about at all really.


Boyfriend Before Christmas Jenny Stallard

Contrary to the cover, this book is not set at Christmas, and isn’t really holiday related. The title is correct and summarises the plot well, but the cover insinuates it’s all about the Christmas period, but at least three quarters of the book is set in summer and autumn!


The Twilight Saga Stephanie Meyer

OK, so I know that these probably have deep meanings or something, and that the apple does memorably appear int he first book, but they do not show you that this is about a sparkly vampire Stockholm syndrome love story, does it?


What book covers would you say are unrelated to the content within?

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