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T5W: Books that took forever to read

118368This week’s Top 5 Wednesday takes place on the second day of my week off from work. I highlight that because I have no plans for this week off, and I have just realised it as I write this. Yes, Emma and I have grand plans for this weekend that involve flat pack furniture and Strictly (I know, I know, you’re all jealous), but we would have had that off together anyway this week, so I have started to wonder why I took this week off work at all. I shouldn’t really complain, a week off work is always nice, but I kind of feel like I am wasting it! Anyway, less of the moaning and more of the reading…

If you want to find out more, or take part in, Top 5 Wednesday, click here to find Lainey and Samantha’s Goodreads page.

This week, the topic for top 5 Wednesday is books that have taken forever to read. As a fairly fast reader, I feel this topic in my soul. There is nothing worse for me than a story that does not compel me to power through it faster than my life should allow. or the even more criminal occurrence when a book is enjoyable and there is an evil and unnatural force stopping me from turning the pages. When it happens, I face the horrible decision to abandon ship, or plough through the pain. My stubbornness, or shall we call is perseverance, means that I have very rarely started a book without finishing it, thankfully.

But there have been a few that have tested this, or are currently pushing my limits close the brink:

  1. A Storm of Swords: Part 2: I don’t really know what to say about this, because I am still reading it, I have been for weeks, and I don’t see when it is going to become bearable for me to pick this back up and read any more than 3 pages at once. I have hit a giant fantasy wall in the shape of A Storm of Swords, and I am gutted that progress of #readASOIAF has pretty much stalled. I don’t think I am the only one in this situation *cough* Emma *cough* but none the less it sucks. I like the book, and hope to one day be able to look back and laugh all about my readers block, but right now, in the middle of this pit of despair, I just want to be able to pick the book up and enjoy it again! I promise this whole post isn’t this mopey!
  2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: I literally finished this book on the Monday just gone, having bought it and started it on August 3rd on the flight home from Johannesburg. I read Part One, the first half of the book, within the first quarter of the flight, and since then it took months to actually completely the play. I love Harry Potter, so when you consider this, you can probably see why this is (embarrassingly) on this list.
  3. Perks of Being a Wallflower: I never truly got into this epistolary novel, and really struggled through the first two thirds. I started reading it before I went travelling, and picked it up when I got back. I thought I had finished it, but when I sorted my books I noticed that there was still a bookmark between the pages, so now I am questioning whether I actually did. It’s not really the best advert for the novel, but in my defence, it’s not my cup of tea at all and I was only reading it to be a sheep. (I shouldn’t really use that as an excuse, should I?)
  4. Treasure Island: I don’t know if this actually took a lot of time to read, or whether it just felt like it took a long time, but that is practically the same, right? I am sure Emma will confirm the amount of time I spent moaning about how long it was taking to read rather than actually reading the book.
  5. Bloodlines 6: The Ruby Circle: So, technically I have been reading this since it’s publication in February 2015. Yes, you did read that correctly, which makes 18 months of painstaking (non) reading. It’s not that the quality is poor (I mean it is, but that’s not the thing stopping me reading it) it’s that I had read all six Vampire Academy and the previous five Bloodlines books, and by the time I reached this novel I was vampire-ed out. I occasionally pick it up and read another few pages, but, well, I’m struggling a lot.

What books have you found it hard to finish? What took you forever to read? What are you struggling through now?



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