#Leanin15: Month 2

leanA month is a long. long time people. It’s been hectic and non stop all month. Luckily the craziness and the activity has been largely good news, but it has meant a lack of any definable routine or schedule, and even less planning. Not the best conditions to begin planning and executing a ‘diet’ plan, eh?

I embraced Lean in 15 hard at the beginning of the month. I bought a lot of the food, and I committed to cooking as much as I could. I began eating salads for my lunch, and cut down hugely on the amount of snacking I do. Not just that, I started to exercise more. I investigated HIIT workouts, and went swimming and to the gym a few times. I went on a day out with my parents on a long walk in the Lakes. It was all going well, I felt healthier and I had lost 6lbs in the first two weeks. I know it isn’t all about the ‘sad step’, but losing weight through a healthy lifestyle is a large part of why I am doing things the Joe Wicks way.

And then things started to slide. Stuff kicked on with Emma’s potential move, and my gran’s birthday loomed larger, and I started to pay less attention to the Lean in 15 lifestyle. Now, that’s not to blame Emma and my Gran in anyway, I was naturally hitting that point when the novelty value wears off, and I had a lot going on that meant I wasn’t interest in working out and eatingĀ  healthy. I neglected a little exercise as well, which is never a good combination.

Luckily, I didn’t see a bounce-back in the weight, there was no yo-yoing. I stopped losing anything, I stopped feeling as healthy, but I didn’t see the weight pile back on. And so, in a bid to stop the steady decline into my old habits, I have started bullet journalling, Emma and I team cook, and I am going to embrace Lean in 15 all over again.

Wish me luck!!

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