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Friday Reads: The Reading Bug is (sort of) Back

As you have probably guess from the title of this post, my impromptu and unwanted hiatus from reading is (kind of) over. I’ve really been struggling with any form of reading over the past couple of weeks, which has hampered my ability to progress with #readASOIAF, and has basically stopped me reading anything of substance or length for a while now.Last week, I wasn’t tired in any way, so I decided to pick up my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and start reading Part Two. I finished part one on my flight home from Johannesburg, and since then I haven’t picked up. It wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it, I was just trying to focus on reading A Storm of Swords instead. Now as reading that has become nigh on impossible, I have decided to at least finish this. I have some free time this weekend before my week off (that will be largely be spent decorating and sorting) so I am planning to read this and actually finish a book for the first time in 2 months!

My friend Laura gave me a book to read a while ago, and I still haven’t picked it up, so i am thinking of looking into reading this over the weekend too. It is called The Various and is a children’s book about all of the little creatures we’re told about (pixies, imps, gnomes and alike) and their lives. I really want to have a sense of accomplishment with reading, so i feel like attacking this will give me that, and hopefully the drive to read some more of A Storm of Swords.

Speaking of A Storm of Swords, my progress with this is nothing short of abysmal. I would love to be flying through them, but I have completely stalled. I am in a funk with them. Does anyone else get this when they read a long series back to back, or read too much of one genre? I’m determined to finish this book, because I think wants it’s finished I can justify a break from the series, but can also go back and finish them.

I’m quite rubbish at sticking to any grandiose proclamations I make during my Friday Reads posts, but it can’t help to have great intentions for a bookish weekend. What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any big reading plans for the weekend?

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